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Garage Door Springs Spring Hill

All 4 Seasons Garage Doors provide garage door springs Spring Hill including repair or replacement to ensure your garage opens balanced, safely, and quietly. Welcome to All 4 Seasons Garage Doors, your premier garage door service provider in Spring Hill. We specialize in repairing and replacing broken garage door springs, and we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and quality workmanship.

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What Are Garage Door Springs?

Garage door springs are an essential component of your garage door system. They are responsible for lifting the weight of the door and keeping it balanced. Over time, springs can wear out or break, and when this happens, it is essential to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Repair vs Replacement

Garage door spring repair is a cost-effective solution for minor damages, such as small dents or bends. Repairing the springs involves straightening or reinforcing the damaged areas, which can restore their functionality. However, if the damage is severe, or if the springs are old and worn out, repairing them may not be a practical solution. In such cases, replacing the garage door springs is the best option. Spring replacement involves removing the old springs and installing new ones, which can significantly improve the performance and lifespan of your garage door.

In more cases than not, when you have broken springs in your garage, you will need garage door spring replacement instead of garage door spring repair.

New Garage Door Springs

One of the benefits of new garage door springs is that they are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last for many years. This means that you can enjoy trouble-free performance for a long time. New springs are also designed to provide the right amount of tension to counterbalance the weight of the garage door, which helps you open the door by hand or helps the garage door opener to lift the door without burning up the motor.

A garage door can’t function without its new garage door springs. When one spring is broken you really should replace both springs.  It’s similar to brake pads on a car. When one breaks, the other one isn’t far behind. You might as well replace them both at the same time. If not you may be making the same repair within a couple of months. Which will cost you twice as much in labor and inconvenience you twice. With proper maintenance and care, new springs can provide reliable performance for many years. However, it is essential to have regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that the springs are in good condition.

Types of Garage Door Springs

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Our process is simple and straightforward. To get started, simply give us a call at (615) 274-8419. We will schedule a time to come to your home or business and provide you with a free estimate. If you approve the estimate, we will provide same-day service to replace your broken springs.

Don’t let a broken garage door spring disrupt your daily routine. Call All 4 Seasons Garage Doors today at (615) 274-8419 for a free estimate. Our team is ready to help you replace your broken springs and ensure that your garage door operates smoothly and safely.

There are two types of garage door springs: extension springs and torsion springs. Here’s what you need to know about each type:


Extension Springs

Extension springs are typically found on smaller garage doors and are mounted on the sides of the door. They work by stretching and contracting as the door opens and closes. Some benefits of extension springs include:

– They are less expensive than torsion springs.

– They are easier to install.

– They typically have a longer life span than torsion springs.

Here are some signs that it may be time to replace your extension springs:

– The door is difficult to open or close.

– The door is unbalanced.

– The springs are visibly worn or damaged.


Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are typically found on larger garage doors and are mounted above the door. They work by twisting and unwinding as the door opens and closes. Some benefits of torsion springs include:

– They provide smoother and more consistent operation. Balance the door better than extension springs.

– They are safer than extension springs when they break

– They can handle heavier loads.

-They are mounted above the garage door. This a more aesthetically pleasing look inside your garage. You don’t have the springs stretched out over the track like extension springs.

Here are some signs that it may be time to replace your torsion springs:

– The door is difficult or impossible to open.

– The door is unbalanced.

– A spring is broken. You’ll see a gap of around 3″ in the middle of one of the springs.

Learn More: Torsion vs Extension Springs

At All 4 Seasons Garage Doors, we have the expertise and experience to replace both extension and torsion springs. We use only the highest quality springs, ensuring that your garage door operates smoothly and safely.


Common Issues With Garage Door Springs

There are many reasons why you might need our services. Some common reasons include:

– Your garage door is difficult to open or close.

– Your garage door is unbalanced.

– Your garage door springs are visibly worn or broken.

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Why All 4 Seasons Garage and Entry Doors?

There are many repair service providers in Spring Hill, so why should you choose All 4 Seasons when disaster strikes?

  • 24/7 Availability : We’re always on call because emergencies don’t exist on a 9-5 schedule. We’re available when and where you need us always.
  • Fast Service Turnaround: When you call us with a service need, we aim to meet it quickly and efficiently with same-day service you won’t have to wait for.
  • Wide Variety of Brands: Every door is a bit different, which is why we keep a wide variety of doors, openers, and components in stock at all times.
  • Professional, Friendly Technicians and Customer Service : We put our customers first, which is why you’ll always interact with friendly, knowledgeable, and professional technicians and customer service agents.
  • Spring Hill Garage Door Repair When You Need It : When your garage door suddenly stops working or presents obvious signs that it’s time for a replacement, look nowhere else but All 4 Seasons for fast, friendly, and effective same-day service.
  • Call us today to schedule your garage door repair in Spring Hill!

Happy Customers

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“First rate all the way around from selections to styles to quality to installation. My garage was cleaner when my installer, Johnny, left than when he arrived. He put as much if not more care into my install than if he was at his own house. I’m really pleased.”

Peter Franklin

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“We had Greg from 4 Seasons come out today to fix our garage after I backed into it with my car (oops!) and we couldn’t be more pleased with the level of skill, customer service and kindness we received!! If we ever need to repair our garage doors again, Greg and 4 Seasons will be our only choice!!! Thank you so much!!!”

Samara Kaufman

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“My experience with All 4 Seasons Garages was excellent. I chose All 4 Seasons because of Kyle’s customer service and attention from the initial appointment for estimate. The attention and follow up from All 4 Seasons showed me care and desire for my business. I will be a loyal customer based on this.”

Maggie Orozco


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