Garage Door Safety from All Four Seasons Garage Doors Dunwoody GA

Garages are the basic necessity for homeowners who want to protect their automobiles from the different assaults which cars sustain from the weather. Hail damage and sun damage are two of the main causes of automobile damage. In some climates, the sun is too harsh to keep the exterior and interior of the car in first class condition.

The garage door is something that requires careful consideration. There are two basic types of doors. One is a single door, and one is a double panel door. Both of these doors can accommodate a garage door. The difference between the two is the manner in which the doors open.

A single door has more than one way it can be installed to open. It is usually opened manually and will have to be pulled up or out then up. A rule of thumb when opening this type of door is to make sure the area the door is opening around is clear of household materials that may have been left inside or outside the garage earlier.

The double panel garage door is easier to manage. It is usually opened by pulling an electrically operated handle, or by using a remote control. This type of door glides upward and into the garage ceiling. This a clean operation and it doesn’t require clearing the area before it is opened.

While garage doors can be a lifesaver, there are hazards to be aware of. One hazard being electricity on the electrically operated door. Should there be a power outage, the door is going to stop where it is. If the car is midway out of the garage and the door stops, it will prohibit further motion of the car, in or out of the garage or worse. Since being late for work or meetings is not an option, this can become a bad situation. This can also render a person stuck in their car until the electricity is restored.

The torsion spring on the garage door is what allows it mobility. Should the torsion spring malfunction in any way, the rolling of the door can be affected also. For instance, if the torsion spring malfunctions the door will roll crashing to the ground, or stop the car. Since some garage doors are made of fiberglass, there could be breakage of the door. Some garage doors are made of aluminum, some are made of steel. Considerable damage to the car or the garage can happen in the instance of this torsion spring malfunction.

Some garage doors are insulated. This helps keep the cold and heat out. Many people use their garages as storage areas for their yard tools, etc. This makes having a garage a more practical idea.

The key to having a safe garage is regular upkeep and maintenance. A good garage company for upkeep is a must have. For DIY’s, a good garage company with the tools needed to repair any damage to the garage door is a necessity.

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