Using your Garage for Holiday Celebrations

Thinking of using your garage for a holiday sometime in the near future? Well the problem that most people this day and age face is simply not having the ideas, tips, or knowledge to make their garage door and garage a functional piece of their decor or holiday. Really though, it is quite simple. You can quickly turn your boring garage door into a work of art with just a few small decorating tips. Indulge in the following tips to turn your own garage and garage door into the perfect functioning party place for your summer events


Come up with an idea. You can start with a small idea, color scheme, pattern focus, or object and work from there. The plan should be to make people think of your object of focus when they look at the scene you have created on your garage and garage door. Because summer is coming up a few common themes include but are certainly not limited to Labor Day, Independence Day, Father’s Day, Cook-Outs, Picnics, Graduations, the beach, and camping. If the above listed items are a bit too broad, think of an object or color scheme that would work best for your general theme. If the theme of Independence Day is just too big of an idea, try thinking of things that are red, white, and blue. Try incorporating flags, banners, fireworks, and patriotic music. You could buy window paints, table glitter, and assorted plates and silverware in red, white, and blue. You may even go as far as decorating your door with a phrase such as “Home of the Brave” or “Happy Labor Day”.

Guess Who’s Coming?

Once you have your theme, focus on the target audience. Perhaps you are catering to adults, children, friends, or family. You could turn your garage door into an interactive play place for children, for example! Say you are sticking with the Independence Day theme. Maybe you have a picture of a flag in the center of the door. Try creating stars that you could play “pin the star on the flag” with. This game would be similar to the way children often play “pin the tail on the donkey”. This would keep children both entertained and out of trouble as the adults are grilling or tending to the rest of the party. Everybody wins!

Garage Door Repair Duluth GA

Be an open-minded individual while shopping around to make your garage and garage door dreams a reality. Shop around for the companies and workers that are right for you. You have to find someone who not only will listen to you and what you are looking for, but that will bounce ideas back to you. Being open-minded will only allow you to make your vision clearer and easier for the staff you hire to recreate. Once you are convinced with what you want, go with the company that you feel will best be able to execute your ideas at a price that is reasonable for the budget that you have. We think we know who you could call! US!

You don’t have to let your garage door look at the public empty and visually boring. That is just a myth that modern-day humans tend to believe. You can certainly decorate your garage door for any holiday, occasion, or event just using the tips above. Keep in mind that if you do not plan on having a party, you can certainly just decorate your garage door. Nobody on the outside has to know! They will simply think that you are an amazing visionary in Duluth GA.

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