Garage Doors and the Interior of Your Garage

Your garage is perhaps one of the most often forgotten parts of your home. In most cases, we rarely clean this area, have a hard time keeping things straight there, and do nothing more than come in and out to park our cars. Though the main function of the garage is to keep your cars and other items stored, it can do so much more.

Finishing the interior of your garage can do a lot for both the garage, the ways that you can use the space, and the overall resale value of your home after you finish the project. There are a few different factors to consider when finishing or even considering finishing a garage and it is important to keep these factors in mind before you start or complete any project.

Garage Doors

The first portion of your garage that you should look into when working on a finishing project is the garage doors themselves. This is a very important factor as the doors are not only what lets cars and people in and out, it is also what lets heat in during the summer and cold in during the winter. If you are going to finish your garage and make it livable space you should invest in doors that have three things. First they need to be well insulated. This will help keep temperatures fairly regular, something that everyone wants in space they are actually using. Second you want doors that have a tight seal when closed. This will again help keep out heat and cold and keep in the temperature that you have established. Last, you may want doors with windows to let in a bit of light since most garages do not have windows and if they do they are small. Windowed doors will allow light to enter but will still give you a measure of privacy. All of this can be done along with any other maintenance or repairs by All Four Seasons Garage Door Service Hiram GA

Wall Covering

The second issue you should keep in mind when finishing your garage space is the type of walls that you want. Generally, dry wall is a good choice because it is relatively cheap, it can be insulated, and it can be painted to make for a very polished look. This is great for anyone that wants their garage to feel like just another room in their home. This is also great for those that want a material that is going to be easy to paint and maintain. The only issue you may have is of course the smells from cars but with a good primer and sealant you can prevent any smells from seeping in.


The last issue to contend with is the floor. Now things like granite and marble or even tile floors are simply out of the question. These floors are too fragile and too porous. You can also rule out things like laminate and any type of wood as these are again far too porous and too fragile to have cars parked on them. That being said, a plain concrete floor is not all that pretty. You may want to instead opt for a painted concrete, a sealed concrete, a stained concrete, or otherwise decorated concrete that is at once strong and durable and that is not as ugly as your traditional slab floor.

Finishing your garage not only helps to increase the value of your home, it also gives you and your family more living space, something we could all use. On top of that, if a space is finished you are far more likely to keep it clean and tidy and you may even have an easier time cleaning it. With a finished garage you add space to your home that is usable and things like keeping it tidy and adding shelves and storage becomes far easier than with an unfinished garage.

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