Choosing the right garage door for your house depends on a lot of different factors. These factors could be as simple as what type of material would you like to use for your garage door to other factors such as having a garage door opener or having a manual opener. Do you want your garage doors to have windows and installation? These are some of the factors you will have to consider. Today we will go over all these considerations for purchasing garage doors Atlanta GA .

Criteria for a Garage Door

First and foremost you will want to decide what type of garage door you want. There are many different factors that you have to consider. These factors are:

Price Ranges: On average, most garage doors will range from $500 to $2,000 depending on the style, material, windows, and insulation options.

Garage Door Style: When you choose a garage door for your home it will depend on the angle of the street you face. If your garage faces and alley way with little or no lighting you, may consider not having windows versus if it faces the street, giving a garage door windows so your home has curb appeal complementing your home. There are a wide variety of styles from traditional raised panels, unique designs to contemporary looking garage doors.

Garage Door Material: There are several different types of materials you might want to consider. These materials are Steel doors that are reasonably priced, durable, and low maintenance and come in a variety of styles and can be painted but tend to be cold in the winter. Aluminum doors that are a lighter material and can have wood texturing with long lasting finishes. Aluminum is cheaper than steel but is likely to dent. Wood doors are the cheapest and a good insulator but can splinter or can rot over time. Wood Composite doors are made with recycled wood fibers. These doors have the same strength of steel with textures like wood but resist splintering. Fiberglass doors are available and are denser than steel but are a poor insulator and can fade from weather exposure but is salt water resistant making it a good garage door for coastal regions.

Garage Door Opener and Locks: You have to option to choose a manual or machine operated garage opened door. Manual doors can open inside or outside and can be locked easily. Garage door openers can be purchased from a local store or a contractor and have several options. Garage door openers can be noisy or quiet depending on the weight of your garage door and the garage door openers horsepower. You can open your door with the touch of a button or using a keypad. Machine operated garage openers lock in place once closed but also have the option of an automatic deadbolt locking mechanism once the door closes.

Choosing an Installation Company

When you look around for garage installation companies, you should make sure the company has a solid reputation. You can do this by looking for customer compliments, recommendations and by checking the better business bureau. Find out if the company offers a guarantee on their work and if they offer a money back guarantee. Installation companies should also be insured and have the right licenses and credentials. Many Installation companies will offer a catalog of available doors and openers with their service plans and warranties.


Now that you have the basics of garage doors you might want to do some further research on what garage door is good for your based on your climate, your preferences for windows, insulation, style, material, and your budget. All Four Seasons Garage Doors Atlanta GA is a great choice for any garage door issue. to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

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