Garage Door Maintenance and Cleaning

Garage doors these days are more technologically advanced than those of previous years and come with a variety of benefits such has automatic opening sensors and more. However despite the advances in this technology there still remain the same issues and problems that can arise. There’s nothing worse than having your garage-door fail when you’re in a hurry to get to work or some place else important. Let’s go over a few ways you can trouble shoot your garage-door if you’re having problems and how you can simply keep it functional and in good condition throughout the year.

Fixing a Noisy Door

Sometimes the door isn’t completely broken or non functional but it’s getting there as you can probably tell by the sound. Fixing a noisy door isn’t tough it simply requires proper lubrication. The tricky part is knowing what types of lubricant to use and where to use it. Using lubricant on your door can cause major problems, especially if you use it in areas like the chain, track, and springs. You should also avoid using the popular lubricant WD40 and instead go with a lithium or silicone spray instead to ensure that you don’t damage sensitive parts.

Cleaning the Track

Keeping the track of garage doors clean is important for helping it to continue function properly. As mentioned above you should avoid using lubricant on it because this can cause particles to begin to collect which could ultimately jam up the track. Instead you should focus on cleaning the track using more traditional methods such as wiping with a damp cloth then drying with a dry cloth. In most cases cleaners should not be used and are unnecessary. Remember to clean your track periodically in this fashion to ensure that your door continues to operate as it should.

Fixing Garage Door Sensors

If your garage door sensors are completely broken there isn’t much to do about it other than replace them. However, in many cases the sensors may stop functioning properly simply due to the fact that they have become unaligned. Fixing sensors that have become unaligned is fairly simple and only requires ou to gently move them back into alignment. This is typically done by moving the sensors to face one another so that the lights show a solid color instead of blinking repeatedly. Since sensors can be complicated it is recommended that you read your owners manual before messing around with them.

Resetting Your Door

There are some cases in which garage doors will not open or close properly. Before assuming that it is complete broken try resetting the door. Different doors tend to have different instructions for resetting but in many cases it can be as simple as powering the door off and unplugging it for ten seconds or so. Once you turn the power back on the door should be closed and set to this position to fully reset it. Once again, check your owners manual for details on how your door should be reset before trying this.

Replacing Weather Seals

Weather seals are a great way to help your home save energy but at times they can become worn and need replacing. Weather seals are typically installed on the bottom of the door, on the frame, and in between panels if your door has them. When replacing weather seals ensure that you remove them carefully so that you don’t damage your door. The same goes for when you install new ones. Weather seals should also be cleaned occasionally if you notice a large build up of dirt and grime as this could causae a variety of issues.

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