While many homeowners have great ideas for decorating their houses and lawns for each season, it is important not to overlook the garage door. Typically a garage door can be seen from the curb and plays a contributing role in the home’s overall appearance and style. Here are some tips for decorating your garage door to reflect the season’s best décor and keep up your garage door maintenance North Atlanta GA.


If your garage door is flanked by one or two lights that match the house style, these offer great opportunities for making the most of the season. Depending on the type of light fixture, the bulbs or covers may be suitable for changing the colors to go with the spring season, for example, soft pastels that coordinate with the color of the house siding, paint, or other type of finish, like brick.

Alternately, garlands of spring blossoms, fresh or silk, can be used to make the lamps more decorous. Long garlands can be draped over the garage door and along both sides.

Flower boxes of daffodils, tulips, and other spring blossoms may be placed on one or both sides of the garage door as accent points.


If the garage door is showing wear, this is a good time to freshen it with a coat of paint or engage in some garage door maintenance North Atlanta GA. Set a small potted tree or flowering shrub on the far side of the garage door as a border detail.

Hanging baskets of flowers are very attractive when placed on the mounted light posts on either side of the garage door. These can be coordinated with other floral baskets in nearby house windows or porch and patio areas.

A freshly-painted or new lawn chair with a sheltering umbrella over it for shade can be set beside the garage door as a seasonal marker.


Pin or glue gathered colorful autumn leaves on the garage door in a random pattern. Or put up stick-on decal vinyl leaves or other fall decorations, like harvest fruits or Thanksgiving pilgrims, on the door in silhouette shapes or full color. These may be full size if you prefer, or smaller, to go with surrounding fall images in the yard or at your home’s entrance. Switch the summer floral baskets to cornucopias of autumn fruits and vegetables.

Set a large basket of apples in a wagon beside the garage door. A cornstalk fits the occasion just as well. A scarecrow is suitable for fall in general or Halloween in particular. A few faux Canadian geese perched near the door add a realistic element.


When the cold weather hits, it’s time to think of the winter season and accompanying holidays. Crystal icicles dangling from the garage roof over the garage door, unless you have real icicles when it turns cold, adds a seasonal touch. Vinyl snowflakes can be placed on the garage door, along with any holiday decals you wish to add. Shimmery tinsel draped over the mounted light fixtures, perhaps interwoven with lights or holiday tree ornaments, introduces a celebratory accent.

Small potted pine shrubs or trees, along with silk poinsettia plants, can be placed to line the drive leading to the garage door. Lights may be added to these if feasible. A merry snowman or a wooden silhouette of a child with a sled are more ways to bring winter to life at your garage opening.

It doesn’t take much time or money to dress up your garage door for each season. Your property will attract even more notice when the garage door is also accented with materials like those mentioned above. Ribbons, bells, animal silhouettes, banners, and colorful flags are additional garage door enhancements.

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