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Garage doors come in different styles and sizes; most of these doors can open manually or electronically, using a motor. The doors are made from varying materials using different technologies to ensure safety. The most common garage door construction materials include; Steel, vinyl, wood, fiber glass and composite materials. Among these materials, wood is the most popular. Despite its relative steep cost, most builders and homeowners like wooden doors, because they are strong and secure compared to other materials, wood is also a good natural insulator.


Garage doors are also designed for different functions; from securing residential estates to protecting heavy commercial storage premises. To keep your garage door in proper working shape, the door must be maintained or repaired promptly. Before the maintenance process can proceed, safety should be given utmost priority; for this reason, all the members of the household must be duly notified about the impeding exercise. To prevent accidents, all precautionary measures must be enforced. Below are garage door service East Cobb, GA, and maintenance procedures, which should be undertaken routinely

Look carefully

Visual inspection: the doors should be visually inspected every month, even if there is no problem. The areas that require close scrutiny include; springs pulleys, cables, rollers and the mechanical hardware component such as hinges. During inspection, check out also for signs of damage or wear.
Conduct semi-annual lubrication: conduct a semi-annual garage door lubrication exercise at least twice a year to keep it in good shape. Lubricants should be applied on the door’s rollers, tracks and hinges.


Cleaning: the garage door can be cleaned using a garden hose so as to jettison all residues. Liquid car wax can be applied to revitalize the colors on the garage door. The accumulated wax and tough stains can be removed using a piece of clothing or soft bristle brush. Always avoid using strong liquid soaps or abrasive cleaners.

Garage Door Opener

Maintaining an automatic garage door opener: if you have an automated door, follow the directions given on the manufacturer’s manual and use only the recommended lubricants as specified.
Take necessary precaution when performing extensive repair works: when undertaking any extensive works on your garage door; never loosen the cables and spring assembly attached to the hardware, because these components are usually rested under extreme tensional force.


Check the condition of the door’s weather-stripping: most garage door weather-stripping components are made from PVC materials; this is designed to make cleaning easy. If the weather-stripping on the sides of the door needs adjusting, do so as needed. On the other hand, if the door does not have a bottom striping, add one and make sure it is well-painted or sealed.


Test your door balance: If your door is equipped with an automatic opener system; you can test it by switching it off, then try to lift it manually. In case you encounter any problems, address it immediately to minimize or eliminate future problems.


Eliminate noise: the noise emanating from the heavy garage door can cause serious disruptions to anyone who wants a peaceful atmosphere to rest or sleep. The problem of noise can be eliminated by doing a couple of things, that includes tightening the door bolts and replacing the garage door hinges and rollers.
Instructions regarding garage door service East Cobb GA are normally attached on the manufacturer’s manual. As a standard rule, the garage doors should also be inspected periodically and the moving components lubricated. To prevent injury, some doors are fitted with auto-force settings, which enable the doors to retract back after encountering stiff resistance during closing or opening. If you need outside assistance with your maintenance work, always contact the product dealer or a professional service technician.

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