If you are looking at your garage doors with disgust, you need to begin making changes.Your garage doors can be a drain on the house when they do not work,and they can make your home look worse than you’d like. The following answers to FAQs about your garage door below should help to address any concerns that you have with the garage doors at your home.

Do I Need A Stronger Garage Door Opener?

You do not need to install a stronger garage door opener simply to make sure that the doors open and close properly. The power in the garage door is only used to lift a fraction of the weight of the door, with the torsion spring handling most of the load. If you have a standard garage door, you can get by with a quarter or third horsepower opener. Stronger garage door openers can use too much electricity, break your garage doors and just aren’t necessary.

Is A Squeaky Garage Door A Bad Thing?

The sounds that come from your garage door are often a sign that the hinges on the garage door are sticking, or other moving parts are misaligned or need of lubrication. When the hinges are not oiled properly, they are not going to make these noises. When the hinges are stuck, they could break panels in the garage doors. This is a problem if you have a powerful opener,  or if you must lift the garage door by hand.

Do I Need Fancy Garage Doors?

You can install garage doors that open like French doors, or disappear into the jambs, or even retract into the ground. However, modern standard garage doors work great and look great. It mostly depend

s on how much you are willing to spend and the situation where they are installed.

You can greatly enhance the appearance of your house with these doors, but you need to think about the durability and suitability of higher priced doors for your property.

How Do I Keep Pests Out Of The Garage?

When you have a problem with pests getting into your garage, you need to sure that the weatherstripping at the base of the garage door is perfectly aligned. When you have a garage door that does not clo

se properly, you are more likely to have pests come in your garage. You need to check the weatherstripping, but you also need to make sure the doors are aligned. The garage door opener may not hold the doors down, or you may have weatherstripping that small animals have gnawed through

How Can I Protect Agains Break-Ins?

Thieves can break in through your garage through the windows installed in your garage doors. You can prevent these break-ins with doors that do not have windows, or make sure the window are resistant to breakage. You can paint these doors amazing colors, and you will be able to use them to make your home look amazing.

Also, you need to make sure that you are using the lock feature on your garage door opener. Most garage door openers have a key on the panel that allows you to lock the door. When the door is locked, no one will be able to bypass the door in any way.

How Long Do Garage Doors Last?

Your garage doors can last a lifetime if you have them serviced regularly. The erratic weather in the Atlanta area could cause problems with the doors, but you need to get the doors fixed when you notice problems. You should have the hinges oiled, panels repaired and openers serviced often. When you take the time to service your garage doors properly, you will notice that they work just as they did when you bought the house all those years ago.

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