Today’s garages are often much more than just a place to house a car, and much more than a place for tools. While in years past there were only a few people who used their garage space for much else other than cars and tools, this has changed over the years as space in homes have become more diversely utilized. Over the last few decades, a vast majority of garages have become a multi-use area in a home.


Today’s more modern multi-uses for a garage in addition to automobile storage and tool storage include: work bench areas, home supplies storage, crafts storage, holiday storage, pantry storage, chemical storage, sporting goods storage, yard area storage, a recreational area for kids during inclement weather and so much more. Because garages are a diverse area for many families, keeping the area dry, temperate, protected from the elements, safe and well lit are important to help keep the space usable. One way to help things along is to install high quality garage doors.


Installing a high quality garage door can protect the integrity of the interior of garage space and ensure that rodents and inclement weather will not cause damage to the interior of the garage. When looking to install a new garage door or doors, it is important to consider what the use of the interior of the garage will be used for primarily. Since there are a multitude of uses for a garage, the quality of the garage door and amenities of the door itself should be examined before purchasing.


Some garages are used as secondary dry storage areas where extensive shelving and cabinets are installed. If this is the intended multi-use, then the garage doors that are installed should be insulated. By contrast, homeowners who are looking for just a garage that stores an automobile and tools than a garage door without insulation is sufficient.


Another widely recognized use for garages is the building of a workbench area in addition to using it for automobile storage. If this is the intention of the homeowner, than most often the area would be considered as potentially being heated during the cooler months with the use of an industrial garage heater, woodstove, or propane installed heater. If this is the case, than the garage door should not only be made of insulated materials but should also be properly fitted to the dimensions of the door frame so no heat escapes to the outside. Doing this coupled with buying a door that is constructed from more solid materials will help protect the interior of the garage from the outside elements.

The Door

Since the space will be utilized in many ways year round, buying the right garage door will protect the working space in the garage, helping it to stay warmer when the weather is colder and cooler when the weather is warmer. A high quality garage door or set of doors can also help homeowners save a considerable amount of money on their heating and cooling bills if their garage is attached to the home.

For families that have younger children and intend to use their garages as a play area for their children during inclement weather, there are a few important things to consider. First, the garage doors should have automatic sensors on them to stop if an object is under the descending door. Second, an insulated door of high quality is recommended so that the door will not suffer any visible damage from being bumped, knocked or even occasionally crashed into during childhood activity.


As an additional note to parents, caregivers and grandparents, if your garage space is intended to be used as a pay are on occasion, placing all tools and chemicals under lock and key in a cabinet storage compartment is highly recommended for child safety.

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