It used to be that garage door openers were quite simple and easy to install. However, today they come in numerous features, styles, and levels of performance. Not only do they provide convenient access to the garage but they also increase the value of a home. A newer door opener will add security features, supreme safety and a lot more convenience.

Does Your Garage Need a New Door Opener?

According to most professional installers, if an opener was made prior to 1993 then it should be replaced. Although it may be tempting to repair the opener, it is generally not recommended. Models prior to 1993 were not standardized by regulations. In 1992, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) endorsed new laws that required all new manufactured garage door openers to have external entrapment protection components like sensing edges or infrared sensors. As well, the opener is required to have an internal contact reverse apparatus. So to safeguard your home and family, it is best to get a brand new opener if it is outdated. And the best place to get garage door openers Atlanta GA is All 4 Seasons Garage Doors!

Types of Openers

Newer garage openers have more features and levels of performance compared to older versions. They can withstand extreme harsh elements that offer extended use. Further, they have many advanced accessories designed for convenient access.

Basically there are four types of openers:

  • Belt drives
  • Chain drives
  • Screw drives
  • Direct drives

The biggest difference between openers is the noise level when operating.

Belt Drive: Uses a strong rubber belt to open the door which reduces vibration and noise level. They have high quality materials offering years of service. However, some belts wear out and need replaced. A belt drive is one of the quietest openers but generally requires a larger up-front investment.

Chain Drive: Uses a metal chain to open the door. They are the most popular opener plus the noisiest and most cost effective. To reduce noise, look for devices that hide or enclose the chain. The chain drive opener is a great option if cost is a large factor.

Screw Drive: Uses a threaded metal rod to lift and lower the door. They are quieter than a chain drive but louder than a belt drive. Noise can be reduced if it is maintained with proper lubrication. These units are low maintenance and perhaps the easiest to install. The cost is generally priced in midway between the lower priced chain drive and higher priced belt drive.

Direct Drive: This opener has only one moving part with no moving belt and chain. It has a stationary chain rooted in a durable steel rail. It is the quietest opener on the market. It is ideal for homes that have adjacent living quarters. It is very reliable, extremely quiet, has low maintenance and is the most expensive of all four types. Generally it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Features and Installation

When it comes to garage door openers, there is a wide array of features and options. Ideally, when installing a garage opener it is best to call a professional instead of doing it yourself.

A professional can help you decide on the features you need plus make sure installation is done correctly. Features to consider include a manual emergency release, overhead light options, speed, the motor, battery backup, force guard control and vacation settings.

Choosing a Professional Installer

Likewise, there are many things to consider when choosing an installer. It is usually best to choose a local company. A local company is convenient and close if you ever have any questions or problems. Further, it is easier to check for references. On the same note, select a company that has inexpensive service calls and repairs as well as 24/7 emergency service.

When it comes to openers, you do not want to limit your options. Select a company that has a large variety of quality brands. Additionally, a company that has various references is most likely to be reliable and have the expertise to do the job right. In the long run, choosing a qualified professional company will save you time and money.

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