How to Inspect and Diagnose Issues | Garage Door Repair Roswell GA - All Four Seasons Garage Doors

Repairing garage doors is a lot easier than you’d think. All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines brought to you by your experts for garage door repair Roswell GA.

Inspecting the Tracks and Mounting Brackets

garage door repair Roswell GAThe first thing you should do is make sure your garage door is closed and that you are inside the garage. Next, check the metal tracks and inspect the mounting brackets that hold the tracks to your garage walls. If the bolts appear loose, take a wrench and have them re-tightened.

Next, you should carefully examine the tracks to see if they’re smooth. If you see any small dents or crimps, you can usually tap them out with a rubber mallet. If however there are large dents, or if they are widespread along the tracks, then the entire door will have to be replaced.

The next step is to make sure both tracks are properly aligned. Swing-up tracks should slant down a little towards the back of your garage, while roll-up tracks should be exactly plumb on both the vertical and horizontals sections. Both tracks must be the same height, no matter what kind of door you have. If they aren’t aligned, loosen the mounting brackets just enough that the tracks will move. Next, take a rubber mallet or a ball-peen hammer with a block of wood and gently tap the tracks back into alignment. Recheck your tracks to ensure that they’re properly aligned, and then tighten the mounting brackets.

Cleaning the Tracks and Rollers

The next thing to do is clean out the tracks and rollers. Start by using a large paintbrush to get rid of the largest clumps of dust and dirt. Wipe off the inside portion with a damp cloth. You can use water if the tracks aren’t too dirty, or you can use household cleaner for a much deeper clean. Wipe everything off thoroughly, and then use a dry cloth to dry off everything. If there’s something sticky on the tracks, lubricants such as WD 40 can be used on the affected area.


Next, you’ll need to lubricate the tracks, pulleys, and rollers. This can be done with special lithium or silicon sprays, or you can even use powdered graphite on the tracks and pulleys. For the rollers, all you need is some standard lubricating oil.

Inspect Loose Hardware

Once that’s done you should check your door for loose hardware. On swing-up doors you should check the plates where the torsion spring is mounted for loose screws, and tighten them accordingly. On roll-up doors, check the hinges that hold up the sections of the door, tighten any loose screws, and replace any hinges that appear to be damaged. If the screw hole has gotten larger, simply replace the screw inside with a longer one, and use a small hollow fiber plug dipped in wood glue to ensure that it fits. If the wood at a hinge is cracked, use wood filler to fill it up, and then replace the hinge when it’s dry.

Finally, you should remember that trying to repair the torsion spring that’s found on swing-up garage doors is not a DIY job. The tension is so great in these springs that any attempts to repair will likely result in personal injury. If it must be repaired or replaced, leave it to the professionals.

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