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The garage door plays a critical, since it forms the basis of integrity, privacy and protection at home. As the single largest entry point, the door also contributes and reinforces a building’s aesthetic appeal. Despite its critical role, the garage door also poses several dangers to its users. Some of the dangers posed by the garage doors include; carbon monoxide poisoning, risk of fire hazards, security breaches, falling hazards and risks associated with electrical malfunctions. The garage door electrical system malfunction can pose a serious risk to users. The malfunction can be instigated by a number of failures ranging from a faulty remote control and overhead garage door opener to a breakdown in components designed to operate the unit. Below are 5 key problems associated with garage door electrical systems

1. Exposed wires and electrical shorts – these problems are fairly common in all electric systems that run on electric current. Shorts circuits can easily occur if the electric current sidesteps its path into the wrong place in the electrical system. The problem may be caused by a cracked or worn out cable. You can overcome this problem by insulating the wires in the system to prevent the shorts. If the problem is in the garage door opener box; power must first be switched off before any repair work can commence. Exposed wires in the unit can also be taped over appropriately.

2. Ineffective circuit board – several factors can cause a garage door opener system to malfunction. The problem may be caused by a brutal electrical storm or an electrical short circuit in the circuit board. Electrical surges can also cause the garage door circuit board to burn up and fail. If you have the right tools and knowledge about electricity and electronics you may as well fix the problem. However, if you are not sure about what to do, go ahead and call your garage door service Roswell GA dealer to find the best way to go about solving the problem.

3. Broken circuit wires – if the electrical wire in the garage door opener of system is totally worn out or is ineffective for some reason, it can easily snap and break-off rendering the garage door inoperable. You can fix this problem in the short run by reconnecting the wires using essential tools such as wire nuts, screw drivers, crimpers and electrical tape. However, if you are looking for a lasting solution, you need to replace broken wires with the right set and gauge of wires.

4. Existence of dead outlets – if the electrical system that connects the garage door opener is dead, the garage door system will not function. You can test the electrical outlet using a light bulb to determine if there is electric current. If the problem is minor and you are well versed with electrical matters, repair the outlet. However, if the issue at hand is complex, call a qualified local electrical technician or your garage door dealer.

5. Motor start capacitor malfunction – when it comes to garage door system malfunction, the motor start capacitor is one of the most vulnerable units. The capacitor is the driver that holds the electrical power needed to operate the garage door. One way to know if your motor start capacitor has a problem is when you begin smelling a burning electrical odor. In most occasions this kind of problem can be surmounted by replacing the entire motor start capacitor with a new operating unit. Before you purchase a new motor unit, make sure you consult a garage door dealer in order to get the right and genuine replacement unit

The electrical components of the garage door can pose a lot of risk; as such they must be handled with utmost care. If you are uncomfortable working with electrical components or electricity, first make sure the garage door operating system is plugged off and then call for help from a qualified technician.

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