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The night that our home was broken into has had a lasting effect on the members of our family. I do not think I have ever been so filled with anger and fear at the same time. Knowing that complete strangers had rummaged through our personal belongings and taken anything that had value or captured their interest completely devastated us. We no longer had s sense of safety or protection in our home. My wife and I felt as if our personal privacy had been invaded. The intruders were able to leave a permanent mark on our family’s identity. We were now victims. Victims of a crime that might have been prevented had our garage been better protected and more secure.

As soon as we pulled our Jeep into the driveway and had a clear view of the garage door, I had a horrible feeling that something was wrong. The garage door was left up a few inches above the concrete floor, so I knew it had been opened. I do not believe my wife noticed the issue, but the expression on my face let her know that something was not right.

Looking back, I feel so ignorant about the lack of security within my attached garage. The only lock to my over head garage door was the T handle that could be turned to the left, in order to secure the door would stay down. We had not even invested in a automatic door opener that would have provided more security than what we had at the time. I had always told myself that when the time was right, I would do something to provide more protection to our garage.

Once the thieves were inside our garage and able to pull down the over head door behind them, they had all of the privacy they needed in order to violently smash their way through the interior door into our living room. They were able to drive their vehicle into my garage and begin loading it down with our personal items, out of our neighbor’s sight. Just thinking about the process makes me feel sick to my stomach. Once they had everything that they wanted, they simply re opened the garage door, and drove away. I very seriously doubt that our family is the only household that this has ever happened to.

The garage doors on older homes do not provided the needed security and protection without additional features. Cipher coded keypad entries are a great place to start. It can also be helpful to periodically change the number sequence which operates the system. This eliminates the need for exterior handles on a garage door that may provide access to unwanted guests. The use of a remote controlled garage door opener provides the same results.

Protection can also be given by adding a more secure lock to a entry door connecting the garage to the house. These are often a simple interior door with a twist lock on the handle, that can give way to the pressure provided with a few forceful blows. While this does not add security to the garage it’s self, it can keep a intruder from advancing into a home.

These are just a few helpful ideas that seem simple, but can provide a big difference. It is also helpful to take advantage of and use the security features already in place. These are often available at the scene of a home burglary or breaking and entering crime, but the homeowners fail to take the time to put them into use.

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