Easter Behind Your Garage Doors Milton GA

There’s a lot of great things about the weather warming up. The season is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face simply from how great it is to take those first steps outside to feel the sunshine. However, there’s another aspect of the season which is sure to make anyone happy. And that’s the chance to plan for and then celebrate Easter. However, there’s something a lot of people don’t know about the holiday. A lot of people are unaware that they have the single best tool on hand to create the best Easter they’ve ever experienced. The nature of that tool might surprise some people. That tool is their own garage.

It’s less surprising when one really considers the nature of a garage though. It’s somewhat like a transitional room within one’s home. It’s where the outside and the inside come together. And there’s few holidays which are more in line with that general idea than Easter. However, the first thing to do is get in some spring cleaning. In general one’s Easter will have little kids running around. It’s vital that the garage be a safe environment for even the most hyper children. This means driving one’s car or truck outside and really getting to work on every nook and cranny of the garage. After that’s done though, the real fun can begin.

One of the most fun aspects of the holiday comes from decorating eggs. Whether one is doing a simple dunk and dye, or going for a more elaborate painting, eggs are a huge amount of fun for all ages. A garage is the perfect place to make Easter eggs as well. Especially if one’s garage is in an area with heavy foot traffic. Instead of just making eggs for one’s family, prepare a lot of eggs and materials beforehand. Don’t feel you have to limit yourself either. The local dollar store is a great place to stock up on inexpensive materials. Chances are that you’ll have a larger picnic table within your garage too. It’s just one of those things which somehow ends up in most people’s garages. But now it can be put to good use.

Set it up in the garage, and put a larger cloth on top of it if desired. Though the beauty of doing this in a garage is that it shouldn’t matter if some dye gets on the floor. Lay out all of the eggs and the materials which are going to be used to decorate them. Those materials can also be used to make a big sign to put in your driveway. Label it something like “Free neighborhood Easter egg decoration!” You can be sure that your own kids won’t be the only ones eager to have fun with it. In most suburbs, you can count on the majority of kids showing up at some point to get in on the fun. So make sure you have a lot of eggs ready.

If you have enough kids in the neighborhood, you can take this one step further. Make a rule that kids have to decorate more than one egg. In reality though, it’s not going to be hard to enforce. The vast majority of kids will be thrilled to get to make more than one egg. Now, ensure that they leave at least one egg behind. Ideally you’ll have them leave two or three in order to keep up a good ratio. Now you’ll have enough decorated eggs to match the amount of kids in the neighborhood. Hide the eggs along with some little candies or the like.

Next, make up a treasure map and hang it in the garage. You can mark out the general area where you hid the eggs. However, it can also be fun to put together little rhymes and clues to help the kids find the eggs. You might keep some candies or the like with the eggs. Or you can put a number on the eggs, and trade them for an appropriate prize when the kids bring them back. The garage will serve as a sort of base of operations to run the Easter egg hunt.

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