How We’re Making Sure Our Garage Never Gets Burgled Again!

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My uncle is a carpenter. He helped my father build our garage from scrap wood laying around after the construction jobs were over. When my mom and dad moved into our home they decided they needed one. They built it, so my dad would have a place to work on cars. He’s a mechanic and loves to tinker with old cars. He has a  fire engine red ’68 Camaro. and a metallic green ’71 Camaro. He races them, or at least he did…
You see, when they built the garage they thought they could cut some corners and build everything themselves. They did a really good job from what I could tell. The foundation was put down and the frame seemed to just pop up by itself one day. The walls were put up, and the trusses were added to make the roof. Then they had plywood and two-by-four boards so they could make some big doors to put on the front of the thing. Those doors were massive! I remember it took all my body weight to move one of them. Then to lock them shut we would have to pin them together from the inside with a crowbar, and then leave out the side door. That was the lock. We relied on a crow bar to keep the garage safe. Luckily, our house wasn’t attached to the garage, so when we had a break in it didn’t really pose any threat to my family. The thieves got the cars though.

It was the early days in modern technology, so my Dad was smart enough to have a GPS installed just in case something like this should ever happen. We found the cars, long story short. That was when Dad decided to upgrade our garage doors. No longer would he rely on two-by-fours and plywood to keep his investments safe.

He and my uncle were pretty surprised that they got in at all. After all, they had a lock and deadbolt on the side door, and the windows would have had to be broken to open their locks. They figured it out pretty quick when they saw the crow bar on the ground next to the garage doors. It was stuck in the gravel driveway being used to prop one of the doors open while they drove the cars out. They had used the crow bar to reach into the garage. They reached between the doors, and they must’ve had to pry at them hard to get to the steel rod that was locking them together. One guy held the pry bar while the other guy reached in and moved the steel rod. Then they were inside.

My Dad put up a track with metal sliding panels. Our new garage doors opened with a remote. They locked at the bottom with a real lock. He even went as far as to install a security system from a Garage Door Service Atlanta GA comany to safeguard against any future break ins.

Now I know that lesson. When I bought my first house outside of Atlanta that’s what I did. I got myself the track installed by a professional company. They had warranties that covered all kinds of things. I didn’t have cars like my Dad. My garage was connected to my house. I had to protect something more valuable than cars. I had to protect my family.

My neighbor made a comment the other day about how “high-tech” I look using a remote to open the door. I just laughed. High-tech or not, I know that we’re safe at night. That’s what really matters.

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