Repair of garage doors can be tricky. While some repairs are are okay to make on your own, others require a professional to make sure the repair runs smoothly and safely.

Garage doors have two main parts: the door and the opener. All garage doors, regardless of the type, operate from tension on a spring. Metal tracks are mounted on the garage walls and the doors move on the tracks. Doors need to operate smoothly and quietly.

Doing a yearly tune up of the garage door can help avoid problems. Yearly maintenance should include: checking to make sure all bolts are tight, inspecting rollers for chips and cracks, inspecting the cable for tears and splits, lubricating the springs and chains, and cleaning the springs, tracks, and chains. Weather seals should also be checked each year and replaced when needed.

Whenever problems occur with garage doors, troubleshooting and self repair is an economical way to go. Some problems, however, are just too complex and dangerous for the individual to attempt. For these repairs, it’s important to call in a professional to make sure no one, especially you, gets injured.

If the garage door is not operating properly, there are several steps in troubleshooting. The first thing to check the hardware to see if anything is loose. This includes plates on swing up doors where the spring is mounted and hinges that join doors on roll up doors. All loose nuts and bolts can be easily tightened. Next look for dents and flat spots on the track that could be hindering a smooth motion. These can be hammered out using a rubber mallet or a hammer and block. The track and rollers should also be thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove all dirt and grease build up. WD-40 works great for this.

If a problem still exists, a level should be used to check the alignment of the tracks, making sure they are even. If not, loosen, but don’t remove the bolts, then realign the tracks and tighten. Sometimes sagging occurs because screws have reamed out the holes in the plate or the door itself is cracked. If the door is sagging because the screw hole is too big, a larger screw can be used. If the door is cracked, an appropriate filler can be used to repair the crack.

Garage doors should be checked to make sure they are properly balanced, meaning that when the opener is disconnected, the door will hold a position about halfway down. If the door is not balanced, more than likely the problem is in the spring or cable. This is not a repair an individual should attempt.

For repairs of springs, cables, and rollers, it is best to call a professional. This is advisable because of the dangerous tension on them. Cables, when they break, can quickly become whiplike. Springs and rollers can become deadly projectiles, capable of injuring whoever is nearby when it breaks. An incredible amount of property damage can also occur to the vehicles in the garage or driveway, as well as the garage walls and contents. Roll up doors with only one torsion spring in the middle of the door are especially dangerous.

If the issue with the garage door repair, Alpharetta GA, requires a professional be called in to make the repair, it is important to call the right professional. Honesty, reliability, and workmanship are important qualities for a service technician. When the dealer and service technicians have certifications in areas related to garage door repair, the customer confidence that the repair will be made properly and safely.

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