Garage Door Improvements

by All Four Seasons Garage Door Installation Buckhead GA

Did you know that making your garage door looks beautiful is important? According to Bettle Davies of garage door maker  Richards-Wilcox of  Mississauga, Ontario, garage doors are not a just part of the background. There are several recommended materials you can use when you are looking for a great new garage doors. They are Aluminum, Steel, Wood, and Fiberglass. Let’s discuss the different features of the materials.

Garage Door Installation


The first advantage of having an aluminum-based garage door is that there are styles, designs and colors available. Because of this, you can get creative and pick the designs that suit your home. As an addition, aluminum is rustproof, which is suitable for those of you who live in humid or salty environments. Aluminum is lightweight, making it less taxing on door openers and tracks. However, aluminum is less durable than steel and it dents easily, so that’s another thing to consider.


Just like aluminum, there are various colors, styles and finishes of steel-based garage doors. As mentioned above, steel is sturdier than aluminum; it is more durable. However, the disadvantage of using steel is that it can rust if it is dented or scratched. Generally, steel requires little maintenance and it will look great for years.


Different from aluminum and steel, using a wood-based garage door will allow you to create a different atmosphere or style. This is because woods are very different from metals and fiberglass; woods are traditionalists’ choice. There are overlays and veneers that offer the look of wood at lower cost too. If you are using real wood-based garage doors, you need to make sure that you are getting the door regular maintenance because it is necessary. The best thing about wood is that it will not dent. It is not as vulnerable as fiberglass or metal to scrapes and scratches. A wooden door can withstand various types of physical abuses. As an addition, you can request customizing or carving, which will make your garage door to look exclusive. This is why woods are more expensive than metals and fiberglass, and the yearly maintenance might cause you some money too.

Fiberglass or PVC Overlay

Just like the other materials, Fiberglass offers a wide choice of designs and styles. Fiberglass is relatively new to the market, so it s not as widely available as metal and woods. They are more durable than wood and metal, but they will crack if they got hit hard. Fiberglass costs more than metal but less than wood. They are also suitable for those of you who live in coastal area because it has a non-corrosive nature. Moreover, fiberglass does not expand or shrink with changes in moisture and temperature. However, fiberglass is not a very good insulator and it tends to yellow in time. Fiberglass can become brittle over time in cold conditions, so it is not really suitable for those of you who live in an extremely cold environment.

That’s an overview of aluminum, steel, wood and fiberglass. Each of this material has its own advantages and disadvantages as they have different properties, however, all of them are available in various designs and colors. You can choose the right material for your new garage doors by considering your needs and what kind of style you want. It is important to choose the right material for your needs.

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