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Popular Garage Flooring Treatment Options

If you were to walk into a handful of different garages, there are a variety of things you might recall about each. You might comment on the garage doors, the cleanliness, organization or what type of vehicles or items are contained within the garage. What so few individuals call their attention towards is the floor of the garage and the type of treatment there has been done to the surface if any at all.

Some of the most popular garage floor treatment options will offer you a great way to protect your garage floor while also giving the look of your garage a quick face- (floor!) lift.

Polyurea: This new type of solution is a do-it-yourself option that promises to deliver a professional-grade level of color brightness, smoothness and consistency without the professional-grade cost. Nohr-S is a brand of floor sealant offered by a company called Legacy International. Some people are regarding this product as the best solution, if cost is no issue, for the residential do-it-yourself market.
Typically, it hasn’t been very feasible to offer a polyurea coating for the DIY market, but Nohr-S has changed that fact. The reason polyurea was too evolved for the home user has to do with the speed at which it typically needed to be applied. With Legacy International’s product, the application time has been reduced entirely. The “pot life” or how long it can stay in the pot before needing to be laid down, is unlimited on this product — which is just ideal for the home applicator. Another excellent benefit of this product, is the fact that one needs not mix two components together, but just open one can and get to work.

Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles: These are another very popular option, noted for their variety of styles and their easy installation. Depending on the quality level, the fit and finish as well and longevity of the tiles will vary. The obvious upside to this choice is the range of styles available, the easy set-up and tear-down processes and the ability to only cover a specific area, but not fill the entire garage.

To the downside of an interlocking tile approach is the fact that the wear and tear will be far worse than many of the other latex and polyurethane options on the market. Most floor tile arrangements are very cost effective, so it does counter out the wear issue due to the fact a replacement tile can be bought as a one-off, without needing to replace the entire floor.

Rust Bullet Paint: For the Atlanta area garage owners who aren’t as concerned with the looks or style of their floor, a simple long-lasting paint can be sufficient. One great choice is the Rust Bullet brand. Their paint is getting great reviews from homeowners who have applied it, with claims of the paint’s resistance to scraping and bubbling.

 No matter what type of floor paint you choose, make sure it is a type that is designed for concrete floors and especially garage floors. Otherwise, you will inevitably end up having to repaint the floor within a matter of only a few years, with the added task of peeling and cleaning up the old paint.

Hopefully, this quick glance at the three most-popular options of garage floor treatments will help you get a bit closer to deciding what is right for your floor. If you aren’t at the point of painting your floor but you know that your garage needs some help, perhaps it’s time to have your garage doors serviced.

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