I know Thanksgiving is not here yet, but don’t you feel the Christmas spirit in the air? The malls all over metro Atlanta, GA already have the Christmas decorations and the stores are selling vanilla bean candles and various Christmas-y smells. A few days ago we posted a blog article with 6 projects to do before Thanksgiving and how to decorate your house and garage doors Atlanta GA for Thanksgiving. However, I cannot get Christmas out of my mind, so here I am, blogging about Christmas decorations for your garage doors in Atlanta GA!

Take the opportunity to express your family’s holiday spirit through festive imagery on your garage door. One way to make your home stick out is to put a giant Christmas card décor on the door. Decors of this magnitude often cover nearly the entire length and width of the door. They are quite extravagant but they’ll certainly impress onlookers and inspire Christmas cheer. Popular mural images for garage doors include Santa Claus’s sleigh with reindeer, a Christmas tree, a giant snowman and the nativity scene. These are available in the roll-up or magnetic varieties. Murals tend to leave a couple inches of space between their edges and the garage door’s perimeter in order to provide space for weather stripping along the door frame. Some garage doors in Atlanta GA have decals of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves logos with the color black replaced with green in order to encapsulate the holiday vibe.

Pick up some magnetic letters to spell out the holiday spirit for the entire neighborhood to see. You can arrange the letters as you desire while giving your home that extra bit of style at a low price. Spell out your favorite holiday sayings such as “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, “Noel” or “Happy New Year”. Sports fans have garage doors in Atlanta GA with red, green and white lettering that spell out the city’s team spirit with sayings like “Go Braves” or “Let’s Go Falcons”. This is a fun way to show your passion for the local teams and the holidays at the same time. It’s also a fantastic way to involve your kids in the holiday decorating process as they can choose which sayings they’d like to present to the neighborhood. This idea encourages the type of self-expression and individual creativity that children crave.

You can also apply holiday colored lights along the top and sides of your garage door. This will provide a cheery perimeter for an otherwise boring garage door. LED solar light string sets are fairly popular and economically efficient. They are usually waterproof and contain a built-in storage battery. This style of lights has two settings: blinking or permanently on. Garage doors in Atlanta GA often have red and white lights to represent the colors of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Hawks. It’s a convenient coincidence that the team colors mimic those of Christmas. Display your passion for the local sports teams and your Christmas spirit at the same time.

Another idea for your garage door is traditional holiday decor like Christmas bows, pine cones and wreaths. Several different styles of wreaths are available for purchase, including faux fruit wreaths and candy cane wreaths. The most popular choice is usually an extraordinarily large traditional green Christmas wreath that is placed in the center of the garage door. Don’t pick out too small of a wreath as it won’t be noticed.

A giant red bow may sound simple but it certainly beats having a plain garage door that sticks out like a sore thumb in contrast to the rest of a decorated house. The goal should be to blend the door in with the rest of the home’s festive flare. When the garage door is left bare, it presents an unfinished picture that is missing the final touch.

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