Your Garage Can Be the Secret to a Great Valentine’s Day

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Every holiday brings with it a set of traditions. But at the same time these celebrations can set into rote. It’s easy for something special to all but slip into invisibility within a cloak of expectation. People tend to take things for granted when they work 100% as one would expect them to. This is why many people feel that Valentine’s day is a holiday that fades in importance as time goes by. People stop looking at it as a source of surprise and instead think of it as a simple formula of expectation and fulfilment. But parts of one’s home can also fall into that trap. And in particular people tend to forget about the true versatility of a garage. People often think of it as a place to simply store their vehicles. But in reality there’s far more to it, and to valentines day. And when the holiday and the garage come together than something really special might occur.

The first thing to consider is the role that the garage will play in Valentine’s Day. There’s a huge variation in how one can make use of the garage. But in general, plans will fall into one of two categories. The garage can be used as the venue for the activity, or it can be used as preparation for the event. Though one should keep in mind that there’s also the option of melding the two. A garage can first be used to prepare for a Valentine’s Day celebration and then end up being the recipient of those preparations.

As far as preparations go, one of the best things about a garage is that it’s set up for messy work. A garage is intended to deal with all manner of things slipping and sliding around on the ground. From mud, to oil, to even messier things. A garage can usually handle anything someone tries to throw at it. And this includes even the most wild and crazy of artistic experiments.

One should begin by heading out to the preferred source for inexpensive art supplies. There are at least three dollar stores here in Woodstock, which should allow you to buy anything that seems like it might serve as raw material to create something fun. These might include streamers, banners, things to write with and upon, and cards to cut up for material. But there’s a million options out there which can be created by an inventive mind. If one has children than they should absolutely come along for help and ideas as well. There’s few better ways to celebrate love than with the participation of the products of it.

But whether alone or at the head of a family effort, the garage is now set to become a workroom. To gain space the car might need to be moved outside for a while. This means that it’s best to schedule things so that one’s partner isn’t around. Surprises are more fun when they’re just that, an actual surprise. Needless to say, one should also be sure to swear any little helpers to secrecy as well. But with those precautions out of the way one can experiment to his or her heart’s content. Paint, splatter, glitter and other things are simple to clean up in a garage.

Next, one can either use those materials to decorate the garage or flat out purchase adornments for the garage. The easiest way to transform a garage into a beautiful areas is to line up curtains along the wall. Depending on the view the door might be kept open with two drapes positioned to provide a view of either blue skies or starlit night. But whether the garage was decorated with homemade materials or with purchased items, one thing is for sure. Hosting an event in a garage can be amazingly romantic. Of course the particulars are up to the couple. But one can never go wrong with a nice dinner held in a spot that’s been lovingly decorated.

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