Quick Tips To Remove Mice From Your Garage

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Many people think of their garage as an extension of their home and use it to not only store their vehicles, but also to store a great deal of other items. Everything from workout equipment, children’s toys, ping pong tables, outdoor equipment, tools, mini bars, and more get stored in garages on a regular basis. Chances are your garage has a lot more than just a car in it. The problem however is when your garage gets a new type of visitor, one with four feet that is not welcome at all. While you may consider your garage an extension of your home, a mouse might also consider it home and when this happens you have an issue.

Mice cause tons of issues every year and hundreds of people across the US are forced to call exterminators to get mice out of their garages and homes. Once mice come through the garage doors into a garage they are likely to stay. A warm dry place is very ideal for them, but they can wreck havoc. They often nest in the wall, carry infectious bacteria, and eat through electrical wires or anything else lying out. The good news is that there are a few things you can do on your own to get mice out of your garage forever.

First off, you want to contain mice population in your garage and make sure that no new mice join in the fun. Therefore, you will want to consider spraying a high quality mouse repellent around the perimeter of the garage and around the bottom of the garage doors.

If you purchase a highly effective formula it will not only keep mice away from the garage, but it will kill any that get curious enough to get close.

Those that are afraid to use a powerful formula because they have small children or pets can make a homemade mixture that will repel mice as well. It will not kill them, but it will prevent them from even trying to get in much like an invisible fence discourages a dog from escaping. Simply mix a tablespoon of hot pepper sauce, a gallon of water, and a ¼ cup of laundry soap.

While you are spraying around the garage perimeters and garage doors you may want to take a close look to see if there are any holes or areas where the door or walls are punched in enough for a mouse to slip through. If you notice anything amiss you will want to fix it right away. You can use caulk, wood, or a patching compound or in the case of a bent door call a garage door repair company to come knock it back into shape. Remember that mice are capable of squeezing through some very small openings so it doesn’t take much for them to get in.

To deal with the mice that are already inside you can place live mouse traps. These are a very trusty and time proven solution, and over time you can manage to clean out any mice that are in your garage. Since you have already taken all the necessary precautions to keep newcomers out once you trap the old ones you will be free of the rodents! Just remember to check them on a daily basis so you can get rid of mice and make room for new ones to get caught if you have multiple invaders.

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