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When I first decided to start my own business, not much was required as far as work space was concerned. With my wife away for the house at her place of employment every morning until mid afternoon and our children away at school throughout the day, our dining room table became a great substitute for my office desk. As the number of my clients began to increase and my work load became heavier, it began to require more time moving my work essentials and paperwork to and from the dining room everyday. It seemed impossible to be able to organize anything. Instead of specialized files, I had messy piles and stacks of paperwork scattered throughout the room that was designed and intended to be a gathering place for our family.

My wife and I began to consider the options that were available. We made phone calls to people who had office space for rent, considered sharing office space with business’ that were already established, at one point we even received a couple of quotes on the price of adding an additional room onto our home. One afternoon we were putting a few boxes away in the attic of our garage. The two car garage had always been one of my personal favorite areas of our house. The previous owner had the garage built to accommodate extra storage space and some small wood working machinery. From the entrance of our two overhead garage doors in the front of the garage to the rear wall, there was more than enough space as far as length to park two cars in front of each door, with plenty of room in between.

I think that the same idea popped into both of our minds at the same time. I’m not real sure why we had never given it any thought before. The extra space in our garage was not as big as our living room, but providing enough space for me to work would be it’s only purpose. I would no longer need to carry off my work to another room in order for our family to enjoy a meal together. I would finally be able to establish my office and be able to organize without having to adjust to the other members of my family. This also gave me the opportunity to create a work atmosphere, helping to get rid of the feeling that I never left our house.

Other than adding the air ducts and vents to heat and cool the area, there was not a lot that needed to be done in order to transform the space from a garage into my work from home office. I decided to give a fresh coat of paint to the walls and more effective lighting fixtures to brighten my office up a little bit. By adding some basic decorations and sports memorabilia, the garage atmosphere seemed to disappear. The added benefit of being able to open not only the windows, but also both of our garage doors would create a breeze that added to the comfort.

Needing a office space is not an issue that every family needs to accommodate. For those of us that do, a garage is a great option. Not every home’s garage is as up to date as the one that I had to work with, but the adjustments required can be easily made and more cost efficient than other options. This not only takes away from the time spent on a daily commute, it also has many benefits for parents who are making a career in a business profession.

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