Garage Door Styles

Pamper your Buford GA home and car in style and treatment with a custom or designer garage door. These top of the line garage doors boast as much sophistication as they do durability, for a worthy investment that is sure to last for years to come.

Adding a custom garage door to your home will not only enhance your home’s natural beauty, but also add value to your home.

Shop for Brand Name Garage Doors

Quality garage doors are comprised of the heaviest gauge steel, decorated in the finest raised wood grain design, for a look of indulgence that is sure to provoke admiration from onlookers. And, as an extra security feature, they also contain all steel ball bearing rollers, hot dipped galvanized tracks, wide body hinges, brackets and interior return rails that extend the entire length of the door.

You can find great features such as doors that  include a commercial grade vinyl retainer, for extra reinforcement, along with a thick vinyl weatherstrip that expands the length of the floor to seal out the elements. And, the extension and torsion springs provide smooth, continuous gliding for effortless closing and opening.

Many doors are available in various sizes from 6’6′ to 8′ in height and 8′ to 20′ in width, to accommodate a wide range of openings.

Door Window Styles

Your garage windows not only allow you to enjoy the natural light, but the right window style can also add an air of sophistication to your home.

There are various door window styles to choose from, depending on your personal preference. Enjoy the sunset any time, with the sunset window design, which features a series of panels that come together in the shape of the sunset.

Or opt for a more classic look with the a fancier design. Or, for a more simple, but well stated look, opt for a Colonial or glazed window design. The choice is yours.

Other window designs are available, in almost unliimited varieties.

Door Colors

Create a signature look for your Buford GA home, and bring out the intricate details in your door with the addition of color. Choose a traditional color like white, black, almond, brown, Sahara or sandstone, or simply have your door painted to match the trim on your house.

For a complete list of door colors, see your manufacturer for a brochure and/or color sample.

Additional Options

Add a final touch to your door with added options like a steel strap hinge, heritage hinge, hammered iron hinge or a steel, hammered iron and/or a carriage handle or carriage knocker.

All doors include an inside locking lock or mechanical security lock and key and are backed by a limited warranty against cracking, splitting and rust through.

Why You Should Never Attempt to Install a Garage Door Yourself

A garage door utilizes a series of torsion or spring components including bottom fixtures, cables, spring anchors, pulleys and other components to counter balance the weight of the door. Any attempt to install, adjust or repair these parts yourself, could result in the door becoming unbalanced, which can result in serious injury or even death. Therefore, it is always recommended that you contact a professional for garage door installation and repairs.

To keep your garage door looking and working its best, it is recommended that you have your door cleaned and maintained on an annual basis.

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