Though Buford, GA might not get as cold as other places throughout the United States, there is certainly still a drop in temperature waiting to be experienced over the next few months as winter sets in. What does this mean for you? Well, many things. But something to consider as it gets cooler is how prepared your garage is for the cold weather. Here are some suggestions that should help with this process:

1. Make sure your weatherstripping does not need replacing

Weatherstripping is what keeps anything from getting in between the garage door and its opening. If it has been a long time since the weatherstripping has been replaced, it may no longer be as effective in keeping cold drafts out of your garage as it used to be. If this is the case for your weatherstripping, you will need to get rid of it as well as the sealant that was used to install it. To remove the sealant, we suggest using a pry bar and putty knife or flat scraper. Measuring and then installing new weatherstripping is a very effective way to get rid of the cold drafts that may enter your house via your garage.

2. Insulate the walls

This seems like a simple answer, but it can be quite effective in keeping your garage warm. Your garage door plays a key role in protecting your garage from the outdoor elements and temperature. Insulation can also help block out noise from the street. The most common types of insulation are batt, foam board, and reflective. Batt insulation is usually made out of fiberglass and is often used for outside walls. Foam board insulation is composed of hard panels, often made of polystyrene. Any reflective insulation you purchase will most likely be made of cardboard or polyethylene bubbles with foil on the outside. Reflective insulation, as the name suggests, reflects radiant heat. Therefore, it may be the best choice for garages in Buford, GA that warm up in the summer.

The kind of insulation you should use and how thick it should be depend on what your garage door is made out of. The most challenging parts of the project will be cutting the insulation to the correct size and making sure the adhesive is sticky enough. However, insulation kits are available to make the job easier. One word of caution though: if your garage door is very large, adding a significant amount of insulation may affect the ease with which the door opens. We can certainly help with that!

3. Consider a heater

If insulation and weatherstripping just won’t do for you, if you use your garage in Buford, GA as a workshop, or if you are looking to keep your cars or other equipment nice and warm in the garage, a small heater may be a good option for you. There are pros and cons that come with either gas or electric heaters. Because winters here are normally fairly mild (considering what they are like in New England, for example), an electric one may be best because the installation process is easier. However, they do cost more to operate, so consider how often you think you might utilize your heater.

4. Replace your door

If your garage door in Buford, GA is too old to have any hope of retaining heat, purchasing a new one may be your best option for optimal performance.

If these options together seem like work that would be too difficult or too time-consuming for you, keep in mind that even one change or improvement will help as you battle the winter cold. Good luck and stay warm!

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