If it is true that “Home is where the heart is,” then where does that leave the garage? For many people it is an afterthought. It is a place to keep their car and maybe some old gardening supplies. Some people even use it as a place to hide clutter they do not want in their houses but simply do not know where else to put. There is no reason to value the garage less than the house however. Rather, it should be thought of as an extension between the house and the outdoors. It is an in between space that should be utilized to its fullest potential. In this same way, its appearance is also important to the overall look of the home. This is why it is important to know how to pick the right garage door for your home in North Atlanta, GA.

Popular Styles

Perhaps the first step in selecting perfect garage doors is in analyzing the style of the houses they are part of first. While home styles can vary widely, there are some common trends that most homeowners in North Atlanta, GA will encounter. The first is the unassuming ranch style of house. This is characterized by long narrow buildings that are low to the ground. The second is the historic Victorian style of home. These houses are characterized by their ornate decorations. There are often gables, towers, bay windows, or all three used in the design. The third style is American Colonial, which has several different variations within the style. However, they are all characterized by a building that is practical and sturdy, yet has the early American charm of steeply pitched, gabled roofs complete with chimneys.

With all the variety in these styles, it makes sense that they each will have garage doors that mesh perfectly with their aesthetics. Since the ranch style is very basic and unfussy, a simple garage door blends well here. Consider investing in something with long and small windows across the top to let a little extra light in. For a Victorian style home, something that is much more show-y is appropriate. Larger, more ornate windows look nice with some type of trim on the garage doors that emulates the same feeling as the rest of the home. An American Colonial style home looks best with a blend of the two styles. The overall look of the garage door may be simple, but slightly larger windows and some subtle trim will give an extra overall elegance to the door.

Popular Materials

The materials used to make the garage doors are also important to the overall look and durability of the door. The following are the four common options that All 4 Seasons Garage Doors provides in North Atlanta, GA:

-Durable material
-Sleek and modern looking
-Very corrosion resistant and durable
-One year warranty is common

-Very strong material
-Smooth finish or an embossed wood pattern
-Rust and wear resistant
-One to two year warranty is common

-Traditional material
-Organic look and compliments older styles
-Yearly maintenance to keep looking new
-One year warranty is common

-Durable material
-Realistic wood grain texture
-Rust and wear resistant
-Two to three year warranty is common

Custom Design

Do not think that just because one type of garage door is preferred over the others that it cannot be customized to fit any home. All of these doors can be painted any color to either perfectly blend or whimsically contrast with the house. Many materials come with the option of a wood grain finish; this may fit in better with the style of the home without requiring the maintenance commitment of an actual wood door. No matter which garage doors the homeowner in North Atlanta desires, All 4 Seasons Garage Doors will help him or her find the perfect fit. Stop in today or call (678)-981-8454 and see the difference a garage door can make for your home in North Atlanta, GA.

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