The door on a garage is a very important part of a house both functionally and visually. It requires care and maintenance. Older doors can become unsafe and inefficient in a variety of ways. This is why it is necessary to replace garage doors once they have started to show signs of serious wear. Since new garage doors in Atlanta, GA are a big investment for a family, it takes consideration of pros and cons and lots of conversations between spouses to make a decision. Sometimes we’re not on the same page with our spouse, and it takes a while to explain our point of view. There are several points to bring up when trying to convince a spouse that it is time to install new garage doors.

Curb Appeal

A garage can occupy as much as one-third of the view of the house from the curb. Older doors that are in disrepair can take away from the overall appearance of the house. The right garage door design will improve the curb appeal of the house significantly. A new door with a unique design can even change the entire style of the exterior of the house. Installing a new door is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add curb appeal to a property.

Energy Efficiency

Some older doors and garages are designed to be functional but not necessarily energy-efficient. Older doors can allow a large amount of energy to escape the house. Cold air can enter the garage in the winter and slowly lower the temperatures in the house. Cool air can also escape in the summer in the same way. Homeowners can install a new door that includes insulation and barriers around the hinges. This will reduce energy bills and increase the level of comfort in the home.


The performance of older doors will degrade over time. The door could start to open and close much more slowly. Slight misalignments could damage tracks and cause large amounts of noise while the door is being operated. Some doors could even fail to open or close properly altogether. A major reason to install new garage doors is to improve performance. A new door will open and close quietly without vibrating or rocking unnecessarily. This increases reliability.


Burglars look for the easiest way to get into a home. A broken or outdated door provides an easy route that burglars can use to get to an automobile or to get into the house. Newer doors are designed to be very difficult or impossible to open without permission. Some include internal locks and secure wireless openers. Burglars might be able to get through older doors because of loose panels or hinges. Installing a new door will increase the security of the entire house.

Add Value to the Home

Choosing the right garage door design can add value to the home. An inefficient, loud, and unreliable door will lower the property value. Few potential homebuyers want to deal with a garage that has an unattractive or damaged door. Replacing an old door with a new design will make the house much more attractive and desirable. Homebuyers are looking for modern doors on the garage that have updated openers, tracks and springs that appear in good condition. This will increase the property value.


Old doors can make the garage a very unsafe place for the family. Springs could break and become dangerous projectiles that could result in serious injuries. Problems with springs, tracks and cables could cause the door to drop to the ground suddenly instead of closing slowly. This can put the family and any personal possessions or vehicles at risk. New doors that have been professionally installed will make the garage safe for the entire family for years to come.

Minimize Maintenance

One final reason to purchase new garage doors is to minimize the cost of maintenance in the future. Old and poorly designed doors will require increasing amounts of maintenance over time. These constant repairs can become costly. They will also start to take a toll on older doors. The repairs can affect performance, safety and security. Installing a new door will reduce the need for maintenance.

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