Garage Door Security: How to Prevent Break Ins

Your garage stores some of your most expensive and valuable possessions. Your car or other vehicles might be stored in the garage. Some people have a hobby shop when the garage has enough space. Old boxes full of nostalgic items are also stored in the garage. All these items need to be protected. If you live in Atlanta GA and you don’t have top security measures installed in your garage door, you have to take some preventative measures against break ins. Even little changes in security can sometime make a world of difference. Here are some top tips to prevent break ins.

Not Leaving The Remote In The Car –

A lot of people leave the remote of their garage doors in the car. This is usually done for the sake of convenience. However, if someone breaks into the car, they would have ready access to the entire house through the garage door.

Getting a Remote Opener with Keychain –

Clipped remote controls that can be attached to the visor are riddled with security risks. Instead, it is recommended by security experts to buy keychain openers that can simply be kept with other keys. This keeps all the keys safe and away from burglars.

Always Keep The House Door Deadbolted –

In case someone does break into the garage through the garage door, it is important to have a plan B and do some damage control. Invest in a deadbolt for the house door that can be reached from the garage and keep it locked at all times, especially when you leave the house. This would increase the safety.

Invest in High Quality Doors –

Garage doors come in various materials but some are a lot sturdier than the others. Wood might look beautiful but it can never compare with steel or aluminum in strength. People tend to spend a lot of money on front doors but not so much on garage doors – this is wrong and is practically an invitation to burglars.

Keep Windows Frosted –

While buying a garage door with windows increases the appeal of the garage, it also makes it easier for burglars to find out when the car is absent from the garage and people are not at home. Thus, these windows should be replaced with frosted glass. Same goes for windows built into the garage.

Maintain Your Garage Door –

The strongest of doors can be worn down with time and age. If the garage door shows obvious signs of wear and tear, a professional garage door repair company should be called in to repair the door and replace worn out parts. Regular maintenance can often go a long way in ensuring that the garage door remains secure, safe and strong. Lack of maintenance, on the other hand, would make is simple for thieves and burglars to break into the garage and steal away all the things.

Choose Random Security Codes –

If you have a garage door with a security code, make sure you choose a random number. A lot of people go for the default “0000” and burglars know this. Some people choose to go for their birth year and in case of 4 digit security codes, this could be a simple code to break. Instead, go for a random number and keep a note of it in your phone to remember it. Also, go for garage doors that come with 6 digit codes so that the protection is so much better.

These simple tips can help to protect your assets and foil the plans of the cleverest burglars.Ask us your questions by calling (770) 517-7078 to find out more ways of preventing break ins. or click All Four Seasons Garage door repair Woodstock GA