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All Four Seasons Garage Door Service Johns Creek GA

Homeowners who become victims of burglary often experience fear and trauma long after the incident occurs. Criminals not only rob us of our material items, they rob us of our peace of mind and our feeling of security in what should be our safest place. Plenty of homeowners focus on the obvious break in areas: windows and doors. Often times it is forgotten that garages are just as easy for a burglar to gain access to your home through. This is why securing your garage doors in as many ways as possible, or installing secure ones, is crucial to your home security.

One way homeowners can protect themselves is by having an electric garage door opener installed. This prevents thieves from being able to simply lift open the garage door, as is the case with manual open garage doors. Keep in mind that after this is installed, you shouldn’t make the common mistake of leaving the remote to it in your vehicle as thieves can break into an outside parked car and gain access to your home through the remote.

A very obvious tip is to not leave your garage door open. While this may seem like a no brainer, it is very common for people to forget or get into the habit of not closing their garage doors. Sadly, even the best neighborhoods in the most high end communities are burglarized every single day.

Covering your garage door windows is also a key element of security. When you go on vacation, you generally close the blinds to your home so people won’t know you are gone. However, this isn’t possible with garage doors. You can fix this by installing a garage door without windows or for a quick fix you can choose to frost your garage windows so that no one can see inside and notice that you aren’t home because your car isn’t there.

Many homeowners also fall into the trap of feeling like their garage door is a secure area regardless of the technology or anti theft deterrents installed and do not pay proper attention the door that leads into their home through the garage. It is important to secure this door as well, in case your garage door security becomes compromised or someone breaks in. Installing a deadbolt onto the door into your home is an easy fix for this, and deadbolts can be found at your local hardware store. Another great idea is to install a peephole in the door so you can see who is on the other side at any time, reducing your risk of harm in case a burglar is on the other side.

Having a security alarm installed into your garage door as part of your home security system is a good idea as well. Contact your local home security company or the provider you currently use to get their pricing and advice when it comes to securing your garage door with an alarm. In the event that a thief breaks in, an alarm system to scare them off and alert the police will provide you with added security and peace of mind.

Overall, most homeowners take a proactive stance to securing their homes. After all, our most prized possessions and loved ones are inside. It is a common and often overlooked part of home security to forget about the garage door, as well as the door into the home, and it is important to make sure that this area is just as secure as the rest of the doors and windows to your home to prevent or reduce your chance of a break in.

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