When browsing for garage doors in Marietta GA, Atlanta, or other cities in North Atlanta, you need to know what type is best for you and your home. There are many different types of garage doors. They all have their own features and come with advantages and disadvantages. Our team of experts at All 4 Seasons Garage Doors can help you with professional advice concerning garage doors. If you have any questions, concerns, or need a free estimate, give us a call at (678) 981-8454. Also, check out our coupons at the end of this article.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

The roll up garage door is one that rolls up into your garage ceiling. The whole door rises vertically upwards and rolls on a spindle in the ceiling space. This door mounts to the rear of the brickwork. There’s an increase in the available drive-through width, because there’s no door frame required. These doors are available with or without insulation. Since there’s sealing all around the door, it has good protection against the weather as well as good security. Roller doors can be made with steel or aluminum, and they can either be hinged slat or single sheet. Roller doors can be manual or electric.

Retractable Garage Door

A retractable door is another type of garage doors. A large portion of the door swings open outwards and then slides away into the garage ceiling. Because this door swings outward, you need to ensure that you don’t park to close to the garage door. Pivot points are located at the top of the door. Springs are fitted to the side frames. Because of these springs, the drive through width of your car is reduced. To support the top of the door tracks are fitted horizontally into the garage. A latter is secured a couple meters into the garage. These doors are the easiest to automate with an electric opener. The security is fairly good, but the door could be forced open if the automated latches are disabled. Your garage will be fairly drafty with the type of door. Usually, retractable doors can be made with any material.

Canopy Garage Doors

A canopy door also swings outwards as it opens, but not as much as a retractable door. Once it slides outwards, it then slides upward into your garage’s ceiling. This leaves one third of the door sticking outside of the garage, giving more room inside of the garage. With this garage door, you can’t park to close. To help improve the security of the door, the pivot points are located two thirds of the way down the door. No tracks are required for this door. It’s not recommended that this door be automated. The drive through width does not decrease. With this type of door, you will have a drafty garage. Because these doors need to be manually opened, they are light weight. They are available in any material.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors fit to the rear surface of the front brickwork of your garage. The whole door rises vertically upwards and then moves backward into the ceiling space. The available drive through width is increased, because there’s no door frame required. Because the door is sealed all the way around, there’s good security and good weather protection. These doors are mostly made with steel. These doors are easy to automate.

Material for Garage Doors

There are several different materials you can choose from for your garage doors in Marietta GA. The most common materials are steel, wood, aluminum, or a combination of these materials. We offer 3 different types of steel garage doors, depending on the insulation:

– Single layer: steel

– Double layer: steel + insulation

– Triple layer: steel + insulation + steel

Steel garage doors are very strong, reliable, and low-maintenance. They can be painted to have the look of wood doors. However, you can decide to have wooden garage doors. In that case, the construction we offer is: wood + insualtion + wood. Wooden garage doors are meticulously crafted and give a distinctive look to your house.

For more information on the types and features of garage doors, contact your experts for garage doors in Marietta GA at (678) 981-8454.