Troubles With The Garage Door?

Troubles with garage doors are very common occurrences. Most people believe that you simply throw them up and they will not require any maintenance or repair. However, proper maintenance is the way to avoid making repairs, and there are some garage door issues you can’t ignore.

Anyone who has had a garage door is well aware that sometimes they begin to make squeaking noises when they are operated. This is due to them having metallic parts like pulleys, tracks, and chains. After some time these moving parts tend to develop friction caused by rust and weathering. The way to avoid this is to apply a lubricant to the springs, bearings, and rollers. If you have tracks and belts that are noisy, you should never lubricate them, and you need to call in a professional to replace them if necessary.

The reason you want to let professionals handle your garage door replacement is because of all the accidents that have occurred as the result of homeowners trying to do-it-themselves. As simple as a garage door may seem, it takes professional knowledge to repair or replace them properly. If you need to call one now, contact you garage door repair specialists in Atlanta GA and North Atlanta areas at (678) 981-8454.

Why Not DIY?

Take your garage door cables, for instance. They are what carries most of the weight. Having all that tension on them will cause some fraying over a span of years. This can really cause some serious problems when operating the door. You should never try repairing this on your own. When there is a cable holding lots of tension, it can snap and cause extensive and even fatal injuries. Springs should never be touched as well. Always leave it to the professionals.

Many homeowners are discontented with the way their door opens and shuts. After some wear and tear many doors tend to open in an irregular moving motion and make very loud noises. This is the result of neglected maintenance. They become imbalanced and soon the alignment is off. If they are allowed to go on it only becomes worse. This too calls for professional attention.

Another common problem with these doors is a situation where a steel stiffener was not installed together with the door opener. The stiffener helps to regulate the action of the opener which prevents unnecessary bending of your panels while the door is being opened and closed. The opener also has to be installed perfectly centered on the door. A little bit off to either side of center will cause the opener to move your panel over to one side. This will damage your panels over time.

Neglect is the biggest contributor to garage door malfunction. Little servicing jobs can save you a lot of cash down the road for performing larger jobs. Ignoring the warning signs is detrimental to the overall performance of your garage door. Even the slightest squeak or bumpy opening and closing should be attended to.

Today we use a garage door opener that works by remote control. They are kept in the car and work with a sensor on your garage door. You need to make sure your battery is always charged. You can try opening the door manually to see if it is your remote or sensor that is the problem. This is another problem better left to professionals.

While garage doors have a shelf life of approximately 15 to 20 years, they are also the most expensive doors you will have installed on your home. There can be many reasons for needing to have one replaced. Garage door repair should be handled by the pros. Your family’s safety is much to important to risk on a DIY job that could potentially cause a malfunction.

When it comes to garage door repair, fixing the garage door opener, or anything mechanical and not just painting, your garage door needs should be professionally done. This will give you peace of mind for safety and the longevity of your garage door. Maintenance is key in insuring you get the most from your garage door.

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