Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage door types include a wide variety such as folding, sliding, one-piece (up-and-over) and roll-up. The most common in the U.S. include sectional and rolling garage doors. Whichever the type you choose to use, it is important to ensure the contracted company builds quality and solid commercial doors that can withstand the daily wear and tear of operating your business. An excellent contracting company has a complete selection of performance and safety of the commercial overhead doors, including garage door service for rolling steel garage doors. Some companies make various styles that meet your business needs. You may find insulated and uninsulated doors for internal and external applications. There are so various options for commercial doors, but the best type to use depends on the area you are separating, securing or monitoring.

Commercial Sectional Doors

Sectional doors must be created with an element of convenience in mind. The doors should work with a controller that can make opening and close them a breeze. They are an excellent choice especially for spaces such that need temperature control. The most recent trends on sectional doors include a door that is well constructed for reliable use and minimal maintenance required. The modern types of sectional doors that are available in many companies include:

Advanced Sectional Doors – it is built for advanced performance in many commercial and industrial buildings that need a simple and well-rounded sectional door. Most of these sectional doors offer climate control, durability and ease-of-use. While they can be an excellent choice for commercial garages, they can also be useful in other situations.

Sectional Steel Doors – this type is meant for great workmanship and convenience. They are an excellent choice for fire stations, retail establishments and commercials garages.

Thermacore Doors – Thermacore door is the best choice for commercial and industrial garages which need the utmost in thermal efficiency. The reason they are referred as thermacore is because they keep temperatures at a steady level, thus saving you the money over time.

Aluminum Doors – Aluminum doors are known to offer a sense of architectural style and still provide excellent protection as well as the ability to open quickly and close the commercial door. It is considered an excellent choice for buildings where the good impression is seen as important.

Commercial Garage Door Service

Rolling doors (shutters) are made to protect the contents with an establishment. They are easy-to-secure and excellent regarding offering protection of the interior or the commercial structure. The following styles are used to separate sections in a building into individual areas.

Rolling Steel Doors – A standard rolling steel door is the best choice for loading facilities of factories, warehouses and storage facilities. They are considered very expensive, but that is because they offer high security.

Advanced Service Doors – sometimes an enterprise may require a door that provides service and security. The first service door is usually the perfect solution. The doors offer fast open and close cycles that are in line with the sectional door.

Fire Rated Doors – best suited for hospitals and schools’ building. For some buildings in school and hospitals, fire rated door is a necessity mainly for safety or to meet the regulations of the county and the city. These fire rated doors offer same options such as those found standard service doors.

Counter Doors – this type of door is appropriate for service counters such as the one found in a snack bar, ticketing area or service counter. It is made to protect the space when the counter is closed for the day. Although many of the features are available for the standard service doors, counter doors are specifically meant for counters.

Security Grilles – these types are used to allow a line of sight into a particular area as well as providing protection and security. They are common in shopping malls and airports among other places where it is necessary to close certain areas and leaving others open.

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