The Sweet Scents of Fall

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The garden gnomes sit quietly on the shelves now. The patio umbrella is stacked in the corner. Since the air is cooler, it’s time to bring down the rake and get up those fast-dropping leaves. Fall has made its arrival.

The summer things are being put away. Those stadium seats and the leaf blower are being brought out for another season. High school football. Playing in the crunchy leaves. Seeing your breath on the air. And, with every season, its own scents.

In the box marked ‘Autumn’ from the top shelves of the garage, you find those baked apple pie scented candles. Hmm…those apples you gathered this week would be perfect in a pie…

Autumn smells of papery, crisp leaves, scented candles and kitchens filled with the baking smells of cinnamon, sugar and apples. This is the time of year to invite friends over and enjoy hot tea and peach cobbler. Or allow the kids one fresh-from-the-oven oatmeal cookie after they get off of the school bus.  All Four Seasons garage door repair Woodstock GA is ready for your fall projects, including getting into that kitchen!

In many places fresh apples are being harvested. Even if there are no orchards near you, there are apple festivals, farmers markets and roadside stands where you can grab a bushel of of Galas, Red Delicious or some tart Granny Smiths.

Baking is not as hard as you may imagine. A simple recipe and fresh ingredients will have you ‘wowing’ your guests in no time. Try this easy recipe for apple dumplings this fall.

Easy Baked Apple Dumplings

2 cups peeled, cored and quartered apples. (Approximately 10 apple wedges)

1 can of crescent rolls (any brand is fine)

1/2 cup sugar

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1/2 cup margarine or butter.

Start by mixing your cinnamon and sugar together in a small bowl. Roll out your crescent rolls and pull them apart individually. Working with one crescent roll at a time, liberally apply butter to the side facing up. Sprinkle heavily with the cinnamon sugar. Lay an apple wedge on the wide part of the crescent, on top of the butter and sugar.

Roll the crescent from the wide part to the skinny end, trying to wrap the apple wedge completely. It is okay if the apple is sticking out of the ends. Place the dumpling in a greased baking dish of any kind. (I use baking stoneware.) Make sure the little end of the crescent roll is on the underside.

Repeat this process with the rest of the crescent rolls. Make sure you have about an inch between each apple dumpling. Place your dumplings in the oven on medium-high heat. I usually put my oven at 400 F.

As the apples heat, the wonderful smell of melty, cinnamony, goodness will permeate your kitchen. The kids will run inside wondering ‘what smells so good, Mom?’ After about 15 minutes, check your dumplings. If the crescent is not doughy on the inside around the apple, they are ready to enjoy.

Serve them warm for the best flavor.

Enjoy the changing of the season. Embrace what this cooler, more colorful season will bring. Crunch through the leaves. Pull out the sweaters and boots. And invite your friends for some good company, some good hot tea, and a warm apple dumpling. The scents and tastes of Autumn are calling to you!

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