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The safety and regular maintenance of a garage door is something that is often times overlooked in many households. This is unfortunate because over 30,000 people are injured in accidents involving garage doors every year. Some of those injuries result in death. Installation and maintenance should be conducted by a garage door professional every year. Here are some other tips to help you and your family stay safe around your garage door.

Garage Door Installation

A garage door should always be installed by a professional. Many people attempt to do this job on their own in an attempt to save a dime. However, most people usually end up having to contact a professional installer in the long run because proper installation is difficult. In addition, if you install something incorrectly, it can cause the garage door to be faulty and increase the chance for injury.

Garage Door Repair

In addition to contacting a professional to install your garage door, you should also contact a professional for any repairs. Just as you could install a garage door that is faulty, you could also create a faulty garage door by doing the repairs yourself. Garage door repair should only be performed by someone with experience and who understands the safety value of a properly functioning garage door. In many cases, it is simply more cost efficient to purchase a brand new door.

Garage Door Operation

Your garage door should be regularly tested to make sure it is working properly. Most garage doors come with a sensor that can detect an object that is under the garage door. When the sensor detects the object, it won’t allow the garage door to close. This is such an important function of the garage door and it is also the function that usually causes an accident. If your child is under the garage door and the sensor is not working, the door could crush the child. Most people simply do not understand how heavy a garage door really is. If a child is pinned under the door, it would take an immense amount of strength to lift the door. To test the door, slide a piece of wood under the door and close it. If the door is functioning properly, it should sense the wood and not close.

Emergency Release

Another very important aspect of garage door safety is understanding how to use the emergency release. In the event that something malfunctions with your garage door and you need to open the door manually, you must use the emergency release to be able to lift the door. This would, of course, be very important if there was an emergency situation and someone was pinned under the door.

Garage Door Opener

Children should never be allowed to use any part of the garage door function. They should not be allowed to push the garage door button or use the portable garage door opener. Buttons should be installed at a height that is not reachable for children and parents should always teach their children about garage door safety.

Electric Wires

Always remember that a garage door is powered by electricity, which can obviously cause injury. This is another very important reason to hire a professional for all installation and repairs. One wrong move could cause serious injury to your family and to your home. You should also be very careful around the spring that controls the movement of the garage door. The spring is very heavy and can easily have enough force to cause severe injuries and even death if it pops off. Never try to repair a broken spring on your own.


Make sure that your garage door opener is not left out in your car. If someone wanted to break into your home, providing access to your garage door opener would certainly make it easier for the robber.

Always remember to hire a professional for any garage door repair. If you have any questions, concerns, or need a free estimate, call us at (678)-981-8454.