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AFS arrived in good time (I phoned @ 10a, set for 2-4, on the job around 1p) and the repair team had a collapsed door fixed in short order (15m). A cable had broken (door's 20+ yrs), was replaced, greased the operation, tightened up the nuts and had it running smoother than before. I balked

Steven K. Google Review January 31, 2019

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My first garage, my first garage door, my first broke garage door. And my thoughts were of extensive repairs, the danger of a falling door, and high costs. But that was imagination. The reality: a prompt service call, a quick assessment, and a clear description of the problem. Jeremy M. made it look easy, making

Steve H. Google Review June 28, 2018



You will experience reduced noise if you purchase parts that fit well in areas of friction.


A door that has faults has the potential; of causing serious injuries especially when they close at a wrong moment, or a metal sheet that would accidentally cut into a family member.


A door that is old and not checked is susceptible to trespassers, as it may not securely lock, or will offer easy entrance to intruders.


A door that is efficient will provide higher durability for most of its working days.


A good-looking garage door will leave your homestead looking beautiful and clean.
Take care, however, because maintenance you undertake on your own could be dangerous due to failure to follow the recommended processes. Snapping of cables can occur which might lead to injuries that are severe or in some situations result in death. Also, cuts caused by metal parts that are rusty could cause infections. Nevertheless, if well done, you will reap the benefits of a well-maintained garage door.


Many homeowners consider regular checks of the performance and integrity of garage doors as an issue that is not overly important to maintain operating conditions. Paying short attention to garage doors may lead to faults that will accumulate and eventually make your door unusable. A broken door that is old is replaceable, but to save the time and money, regular maintenance is required. To keep your garage door in top working condition, it is to your advantage to hire out a regular visit from your Snellville Garage Doors Company- All Four Seasons.


  • Inspect cables for fraying or rubbing
  • Roller review. Both nylon and steel rollers need periodic attention. If you have a high-frequency usage of your door, replacement might be necessary within 6-7 years.
  • Replacement of Weatherstripping- if it seemed brittle and cracked -or in some cases, missing- you might be wasting heating or cooling energy.
  • It is recommended to tighten hardware which might have loosened by vibrations and movement on the door.
  • The door’s balance should undergo testing. An out-of-balance dor can turn into a major problem if the springs break.
  • Debris from the track of the door should be cleaned out
  • Moving parts should always have lubrication.

Some maintenance activities are simple. However, if it’s fast, expert solutions you need, call All Four Seasons Garage Doors Snellville GA. Our pricing is competitive, and our expert maintenance and installation of garage doors is unmatched. Our customer service is friendly and ready for dispatch, available in the late and early hours. Founded in 1999 in Atlanta GA, All Four Seasons Garage Doors has a GA Better Business Bureau certification. As well as an A+ online rating. Above all: “We are Big enough to serve you, small enough to care for you.”


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