Choosing and Purchasing Garage Doors Woodstock GA

Thinking about upgrading your home’s appearance or value? Choosing the right garage door can be renewing and refreshing to your home’s overall curb appeal. Replacing a garage door isn’t something homeowners do often,but has become a popular home improvement project returning more than 85% of your investment and increasing your home value. What should you consider when choosing the right garage door? Two main points to focus on are: What material fits your needs and cost.

Wood vs. Steel

Pros of Wood

Attractive:Wooden garage doors offer a distinctive natural look with beauty in their craftsmanship.If your garage door faces the street, this could be key to dramatically increasing curb appeal and home value.

Customizable: Wood doors are typically made locally and custom designed to fit your style and needs.They are available in standard or nonstandard sizes and come in a variety of style,color and design.

Elements: Wood will not rust or dent the way steel doors do. If you have children or neighborhood kids that play around your house, this could be a pro for you. You won’t get damage or dent from a basketball or toys accidentally hitting the door.

Cons of Wood:

Wooden doors need more maintenance than other material doors. Depending on your climate or weather wood doors need upkeep of repainting or refinishing every so many years. Wood doors typically only carry warranty for one year.

Cost:Wooden doors can run more on the expensive side compared to other materials. Depending on what style or size you decide on, the customization will increase your end price as well. Cost of a basic 16-by-7 wooden 2 car garage door runs anywhere from 1,000-4000 and up to 10,000 for custom design.

Pros of Steel:

Longevity and Durability: Steel doors are stronger and more secure than Wood or other materials. They are less likely to warp,crack or fall apart due to elements of your climate.You can typically get a lifetime warranty on higher end steel doors covering factory supplied paint, hardware, laminations and insulation. Steel doors are easy to maintain,and will net be affected by humidity, rain or heat.

Cost: Steel doors usually run far less expensive than wood or other materials. This can be a great option for you if you’re on a budget.Steel doors are typically priced from $700-2000 for a 2 car garage.

Insulation: Is your garage door attached to your house or used as a workshop? Steel doors are really good at keeping your garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Premium-Steel doors typically come with a body of polystyrene or polyurethane foam insulation.

Cons of Steel:

Rust: It is not uncommon for a bare steel door to rust over time, especially if you live in a moist climate. Most doors come with an option now for a polyester coating to prevent rust.Try to keep your garage door clean and power-washed to prevent rusting.

Dents and Scratches:Steel doors are much more likely to dent or scratch than wood. Choosing a higher premium of steel will help lessen susceptibility of dents or scratches.

Sound barrier: If you use your garage for workshop, workout center or like to use the radio, this could be a downside to choosing steel.Steel does not offer the sound privacy a wooden door may give.

As a homeowner you have to decide which type of door will best suit your home, family and needs. There are pros and cons to updating/replacing with wood or steel. A wooden door would bring beauty and custom look to your home with some maintenance. Where a steel door has better benefits of longevity and less maintenance

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