The garage is a very versatile space. Designed for housing vehicles when not in use, garages can also be used for storage or turned into a workout room or even changed over into an extra family room or bedroom. So what would be a great way to organize a garage so the space can be utilized for more than one purpose?

Audit the Items in Your Garage

Getting organized is not a difficult thing to accomplish. Decide what items you need to have readily available and what items can be put away yet easy to get to and which items can be stored for future use or are no longer being used. To make the garage multi-purpose, decide what the space will be used for. Will it be used as a workshop and general storage, or workout area and an extra bedroom, perhaps a man or woman cave and a small office or any one of these and still using the garage for its intended purpose of parking the car?

Organize Your Garage

A storage shed could be placed outside, usually in the backyard, to harbor the lawn mower, rakes, shovels and the gardening items freeing up close to a fourth of a double garage. If this is not an option, perhaps a box can be built that will house the lawnmower and provide a small storage or work area on top for other items.

Perhaps the gardener can use the top for transplanting or preparing seeds for the garden. Shelving can be purchased or built along the interior sides of the garage to move items out from the middle of the room freeing up space for a vehicle or two. If one is not already in place, an attic storage could be created and utilized to store those holiday decorations and seasonal items like sleds or garden hoses. The attic could also be turned into an office with some modifications to allow for extreme temperatures. Some attics may even be big enough for both. One challenge would be getting furniture through the small attic entrance. One YouTube guru shows how to build shelves near the ceiling above the garage doors which makes use of some otherwise wasted space.

Are the family bicycles taking up space? There are many products on the market that will help in taking it back with the use of hooks to hang bikes up-side-down or hanging boards to hold bikes flat against the wall or poles that suspend the bikes seemingly in the air or they can be suspended from the ceiling with the help of a pulley system.

Easy Garage Organizing Hacks

Getting organized is a matter of personal preference. Some people choose to have storage bins and cabinets and other fancy or specialized storage compartments, but these can be expensive. Tools can be put on a wall using a peg board and hooks. An old dresser can be used to store large tools and extension cords. Jars can be reused to hold nails and screws or nuts and bolts. One way is to nail the lids to a board, then secure the board on the underside of a cabinet. Fill the jars and simply screw the jar onto the corresponding lid attached to the board. Now those small items are out of the way, easy to get to, and easy to find and the glass has been recycled!

So now you have some ideas to maximize that large room designed to keep a vehicle safe from the elements, hopefully some storage and organization solutions, and maybe a little extra living space.

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