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Simplify Your Life – Organize Your Spring Cleaning For The Last Time

Another year approaches and before too long it will be spring and “Spring Cleaning” time is something no one looks forward to doing. The key to avoiding that “Spring Cleaning” time waster each year is to organize the house once and for all. It may also be time to consider reorganizing the garage area to create better access to make life easier and add ease of access.

  • Do away with the need for the use of a ladder to reach items stored too high.
  • Group things in a seasonal arrangement.
  • Group items by usage
  • Dispose unwanted items to be recycled or donated to charity, and save the donation receipt to use as a tax deduction.

Maybe you have hobbies you work on, collections of items, kitchen tools you don’t use every day, etc. Create a place that is convenient for your reach, no stepstool or ladders needed. Save footsteps and eliminate areas that require reaching and stretching to excess; healthful exercising, not unnecessary strenuous exercising. Contact your local Dunwoody GA garage doors service representative as they generally specialize in all areas of carpentry, remodeling, and have an abundance of suggestions and ideas to fit your needs.

First visualize the area you will need to conveniently store all your items already in the garage, and items you will want to bring from inside the house and closets to conveniently store for quick availability. Maybe a countertop to work on with shelves down one side and drawers down the other side would suit your needs. A pegboard as a back wall with tools you use all the time in the garden or household needs. Arrange your items for easy viewing, ease of managing, and optimum access.

Organize your laundry area for ease. If you have overhead cabinets that are difficult to reach, store items in these cabinets that you do not use very often, or items you want to keep out of the access of children. Have a low cabinet to keep your cleaning supplies, also at an easily accessible height. This may also give you a folding counter for your laundry. Remember, cabinets can be child proofed very easily, or locked for security purposes.

Not too many homes have adequate cabinet space, or a pantry to store extra food, water, sodas, and canned foods. Adding cabinets in your garage to manage supplies is an excellent idea. This allows you to buy items you often use but do not have an area in your kitchen for storage, plus take advantage of sales. This also saves those pesky trips to the market to pick up one or two things you could easily keep on hand in your additional storage area. Again, a tall cabinet with shelves set at various heights will accommodate your items without crowding your kitchen cabinets.

Another idea is to create a storage area of all cabinets with a few shelves. Cabinets eliminate dust and conceal items from view of others while your garage door is open. You can identify the contents of the cabinets with an easy to use a label maker. In the cabinets, you can store boxes, or items, a label on the outside of the door content identification.

The above scenarios are only a few ideas of ways to simplify life, organize your Dunwoody GA garage and home. Simplifying and organizing your life can be a fun project and alleviate the hassle and inconvenience of the spring cleaning and the big hunt for a misplaced item. The first solution to your project is to contact your garage doors representative and have them help you plan your spring cleaning needs and garage remodel.

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