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Now that you have transformed your garage into the private retreat of your dreams, how do you protect your investments and retain a peace of mind? There are various methods you can employ to secure your garage. Read on to find out more…

Invest in a Modern Automatic Garage Door Opener

Most modern garage door openers utilize rolling code technology. This means, each time you use your remote, the system will transmit a new security code. Sometimes an intruder will use a transmitter or code grabber to lock into your system and gain access to your garage. Rolling code technology lowers the risk of this happening to you and your family.

Also, don’t leave the garage remote in your car because if someone gains access to your car, they now have easy access to your home. Opt for a key chain remote instead, and keep it with you at all times.

Invest in a Garage Opener With Built-In Features

An opener with built-in features such as monitors, a self-closing system, lighting controls and smartphone access makes it easy to manage your system from wherever you are.

Monitors placed throughout your home alert you whenever your garage door is open and often includes a button that allows you to close the door immediately.

With the self closing feature, you never have to fret about forgetting to close the garage door, because the system will do it for you. You can adjust the closing time or override the feature for maximum control.

The lighting control system enables you to turn on the lights whenever the opener is activated or use a switch to activate the lights independently, and it can be used with lights inside or outside your home.

With smartphone access, you can control your garage door from anywhere on earth. This means, you can open or close door from your location and receive notifications when the door is opened by someone else.

Invest in Security Windows

High-tech security windows allow you to enjoy the outdoors, while providing an awesome level of protection. Security windows contain multi-chamber steel reinforced frames and shatterproof glass with polyurethane foam reinforcement for ax-proof, drill-proof and bulletproof protection. If you’d like, cover the windows with sheer curtains to deter window shopping.

Invest in Motion Detectors

Motion detectors provide a bright light source for your garage. Whenever a heavy object enters the vicinity of your garage, the motion lights will come on, which will help make your space more secure. Invest in a standalone motion detector or add one to your existing lighting system.

Disable the Overhead Door

If you plan to be away for an extended amount of time, such as vacation, disable the garage door opener and place one or several padlocks through the holes in the garage door track. This will prevent anyone from entering your garage via the overhead door.

Secure the Emergency Release

Every garage door has an emergency release. This release disconnects the door from the opener in the event of an emergency. However, it can be a security risk. By pushing the garage door in, it can create a gap at the top of the door wide enough to insert a wire and fish for the emergency lever. To secure the emergency release lever, insert a zip tie into the hole or around the release lever. This will prevent the release from being accessed via fishing but still enable you to access it during an emergency.

Invest in a New Garage Door

Over time, your garage doors can become unstable as a result of normal wear and tear. Periodically inspect your doors for signs of corrosion, lock and hinge issues, frame damage and other issues and replace parts as necessary.

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