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Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair

Your garage door is probably the largest set of moving parts in your home, and when properly maintained it provides increased security for your belongings and your family for a long time. But after 6 to 8 years, parts of your garage door can start to wear out and even break and a garage door repair might be in your future. An unmaintained garage door might even collapse, causing significant damage to anything under it! Every year, thousands of people are injured and property damaged by unrepaired garage doors.

Fixing Your Garage Door

garage door repairA typical garage door in an American home weighs more than 500 pounds, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Can you imagine the damage that a garage door could cause your car? There are many reasons why a garage door can break — ranging from broken or old springs and cables to problems with the emergency release pull cord, flawed installation, worn wiring, or bent tracks. Garage door repairs should be made by a garage door repair service with the experience and specialized tools to make it quick and easy.

If a garage door is properly installed, it will provide a secure barrier to the weather outside. If your garage door is leaking outside air, looks a bit off kilter or doesn’t close evenly, it probably needs some repair. Wires around the motor of your garage door or garage door opener may be chewed on by mice or simply just wear with use, causing circuits to short or even spark a fire.

If the door is unusually loud when it opens or closes, this could mean there is some type of mechanical problem. Get this problem diagnosed and fixed before it leads to a bigger, more expensive problem! You could  end up with a very expensive garage door repair bill if you ignore these small problems and they grow into a bigger one. Garage door repair parts can be found at home stores, but any reputable garage door repair company can pass on wholesale prices to you if they complete any repairs for you.

It’s important to hire a garage door repairman (or repairperson) to fix, maintain, or replace your garage door. A malfunctioning garage door opener can be unpredictable, and it has the heft to cause some very serious damage if the garage door becomes untracked. The weight of the garage door itself can make it very hard to maneuver. The garage door needs to be balanced properly and seal when closed.

It can actually be very dangerous to repair your garage door yourself. Serious and even fatal injuries have occurred. It’s also very easy to accidentally break door components if they are not handled properly. It’s always in your best interest to hire a professional to repair your garage door, it may actually save you more money than doing it yourself. Search for “garage door repair near me” and you’ll find All Four Seasons if you live in the Atlanta or Nashville metro areas.

Garage door repair parts

A garage door in any style, simple or elegant, ultimately must work perfectly, every time you push the remote button. Like all mechanical devices, things can go wrong over time and exposure to weather and repeated use day after day.


There are lots of moving parts to make that garage door go up and down smoothly. One component on many doors is called a torsion spring which uses energy stored in the coil to counteract gravity, rendering the door lighter and easier to raise and lower. These springs are under a massive amount of tension, whether the door is open or closed. As stated before, garage doors weigh a lot and those tightly wound springs hold a lot of that weight. When they get worn, they can fail or weaken leading to what could potentially be a catastrophe.

The average lifespan of a torsion spring is 10,000 cycles, which means the spring can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. They are made from hardened steel and are specially designed to handle the tremendous torque that would otherwise fight the cables and opener motor. If your garage door weighs more than 10 pounds while disconnected from the automatic opener, it’s possible  the torsion spring needs attention.

Damaged springs can cause the door to close too quickly and cause injury, especially to children who may attempt to close the door on their own. The spring can also break while under tension with extreme force causing damage to your vehicle or anything else inside your garage, or serious harm to any person or animal nearby.

Easy DIY Garage Door Fixes You Can Do

garage door repairSometimes the garage door repair problem is simply that the remote isn’t working, and there are simple steps to fix it. It might be a matter of replacing the battery. Another easy repair is to reprogram the garage door remote. Consult your manual if you have one, or check online for more instructions for your specific brand or model.

For cosmetic repair or simply to change the color of your garage door, there are some easy steps and techniques that will make your garage door as good as new. First, you need to wash the door thoroughly, using a pressure hose for aluminum and a garden hose for wood. Then check for any damage and use caulking or epoxy (Bondo® can also work well) to fill in holes or scrapes. Painting is best done with a sprayer. Use an exterior primer suitable for each type of surface, let it dry completely. Use two coats for good measure and voila! A new and different look for your garage door and entire house.

Surface dent repair can also be done by a do-it-yourselfer, but it’s a lot more involved than painting. But when you back into a closed door, it can look terrible but also become an entry point for people or pests, not to mention the fact that it can stress the garage door opener or other parts.

When A Dent Can Mean A Higher Garage Door Repair Cost

One problem that you might face is an over-stressed spring system that might fail prematurely given enough time. The reason this might happen is because the dent (depending on how large it is) can throw the whole door out of balance.

The garage door’s spring system relies on a precise equal balance, which can be compromised by a dent or bend. It can also be much noisier than it was before!

A large dent will have to be taken care of professionally by your garage door specialist and you may need to replace a section or panel. You may be able to do something about smaller dents, though by using aluminum foil, a heat source and a can of pressurized air. Using the magic of physics, heating and them rapidly cooling the dent can cause it to pop back into shape.

Be sure to talk to your garage door repair specialist if this solution does not work, as your problem might need a professional’s expertise.

When to Call a Professional Garage Door Repair Company

Does your Door need repair? Examine the door regularly. Listen where any noise is coming from. Does the door move smoothly? Does it jerk when you close or open it?

  • Replacing The Rollers – The rollers that keep your garage door on its tracks are made from nylon or steel and need replacement every 7-10 years. However, because this part of the garage door is in constant use every day, it can also become damaged sooner. If a roller seems to be cracked, chipped or worn, it should be replaced.
  • Repair or Replace The Weatherstripping – The purpose of the weatherstripping is to ensure that everything you keep inside your garage is protected from weather elements like wind, rain, snow and storm outside. If the stripping at the bottom or sides of the garage door is cracked, get it replaced to eliminate noise.
  • Ensuring Proper Balance In The Garage Door – If the balance of your garage door is uneven or erratic, it could be causing noise and might lead to safety concerns as well. You need to check the counterweight springs yourself and if they seem problematic, call a professional to get them fixed as soon as possible.
  • Checking The Door Itself For Signs Of Damage – If the door is made from wood, it might be prone to warping or other types of damage from exposure to water. Call All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair for advice on whether to get it repaired or replaced.

Outside of this, the other most common problem with most doors is a loud squeaking sound  when the door opens or closes. It might sound like metal rubbing against another piece of metal. This means there is little or no lubrication on the door, You need to lubricate the door up with appropriate type of grease (not silicone spray), which will ensure that the tracks stay smooth and reduces the grind of metal on metal.

You might have to deal with a bent garage door track. This happens when the door is bumped or dented due to an impact. Usually these tracks are constructed from heavy duty steel and aren’t easily restored to their original position.

Garage Door Repair Cost

Starting with an inspection and diagnosis from one of our professionals, the cost of repairing a garage door can vary widely. Much of the cost depends on the type of door you have and the set of components is has, plus the material and style. There’s also the severity of the problem! Some repairs are very simple, like replacing the battery in your opener remote or clearing debris from your safety sensors. Others take time and specialized tools that the average homeowner doesn’t have access to. Here’s a general idea of what to expect when you call us for service or repair visit.

For a door that has trouble opening and closing, there are a few issues that may be the cause. As we mentioned, it could be as simple as a cobweb or an  item that has obscured the infrared sensor mounted at the opening of the garage door. Sensors can also go out of alignment if they are kicked or hit by an object. These repairs will cost you a few minutes to clear up the problem and test the door a couple of times- that’s it.

The next area to consider is the garage door opener. The problem could be electrical or mechanical inside the housing of the unit. If the light doesn’t turn on when the remote is triggered or it doesn’t sound like it used to, you may need to repair or replace. A repair to your garage door opener might run about $100 for new electronics, or to replace it, the price depends on your situation. A low end model might be run you about $200 up to $650 for bells and whistles.

Your door needs tracks to run on. A bent or misaligned track system can cost $130- $150 to fix. If it’s a broken spring or cable, that can cost upwards of $300 because of the specialized nature of the procedures used and more labor time.

Some additional items we are asked about are repairing dents, fixing broken garage door windows, roller replacements, hinge replacements. These minor issues may not cost you much at all, depending on your unique garage door setup.

New Garage Door Cost

The bottom line is that a new garage door can cost anywhere from $200 to $4000 or more if you need multiple doors or custom additions. Some determining factors that can affect cost are jobs like wiring up the electrical system, haul-away and disposal of the old door, the difficulty of the installation due to size or weight, additional hardware or special features.

Replacing a garage door will incur similar costs to installing a new one from scratch. Materials, labor costs, your location, customizations or changes to the existing opening. You’ll need to consult with one of our garage door professionals to get an exact price.

Repairing your garage door would be our privilege, and there’s no problem we haven’t already taken care of. Rest assured that All Four Seasons Garage door repair can turn a broken garage door into one that works like brand new, every time.