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Home Repair for Garage Doors

There is somethweathereding about the visual quality of a garage door that makes it more than its actual function of opening and closing a space to keep cars enclosed. It’s an extension of the style and impression of the house itself. Garage doors are designed to blend in or stand out with a multitude of materials and construction. They start out beautiful but weather and continued use may call for some sort of maintenance.

garage door in any style, simple or elegant, ultimately must work perfectly. Their purpose is to make one’s life easier and are designed to operate automatically. But like all mechanical devices, sometimes something just doesn’t work right anymore. So what’s a home owner to do? Are there some repairs that can be done by a reasonably handy and capable homeowner? And if so, how do they figure it all out?

To be truthful, there are lots of moving parts to make that garage door go up and down smoothly. There are springs and electrical parts and seals and so forth. If, for instance suddenly, in the rain or snow or with car full groceries, that garage door won’t budge and you have to figure out a solution, fast.

If the problem is simply that the remote isn’t working, there are simple steps to fix it. It might be just a matter of replacing the battery. Wow, that’s a relief! Another easy fix is to re-program the remote. This can be accomplished by pressing and releasing the open button on the remote, then releasing it when the garage door opener light comes on. If it doesn’t do the trick, you may need to consult your manual if you have one, or check online for more instructions.

Garage Doors Sandy Springs GA

There are, in fact, garage door repair manuals available online as well as a great many videos and instructions for specific repairs and how to find and replace parts. Probably the wisest and most pro-active action would be to check out and then download a particular manual in advance of any problems. If you don’t have a manual, going to the manufacturer’s web site and ordering it is a really good idea.

Garage doors sometimes need springs replaced. For a DIYer who loves the satisfaction of home repair, there are tutorials available with step-by-step instructions on how to replace different sorts of torsion springs.

Another task that can be done by the home owner is weather proofing, or adding seals to the garage door. There are a variety of seals for different purposes and types of doors. Seals will keep insects out of the garage as well as maintain a good temperature inside. Weatherproofing will save costs on energy bills too.

For cosmetic repair or simply to change the color of your garage door, there are some easy steps and techniques to take. First, you need to wash the door well, using a pressure hose for aluminum and a garden hose for wood. Then check for damage and use caulking to fill in holes or scrapes. Painting is best done with a sprayer. Use an exterior primer suitable for each type of surface, let it dry completely. Next use two coats for good measure and voila! an almost new and different look for your garage door and entire house.

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