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It is important to protect your home from any possible break-ins. A key way to do this is to locate any weak points in your house where someone could enter easily. When you prevent that accessibility, you will will be protecting your house. Unfortunately, the garage door is a big weak area. While they appear to be secure, an adept thief will know how to get inside through a garage door

 How do you prevent this from happening? Below are some great garage door security tips:

The remote control is another key to enter the house. It offers a thief immediate access into your home. Be very careful about where you decided to keep your remote control. Many people leave their remote in their vehicles. However, a thief can easily break into your car and get into your home if you do this. If a thief does not know where you live, he can easily find out if you have a programmed remote. It is better to keep your remote in a briefcase, pocket, or a purse. If you need to keep it in your vehicle, you should put it in a storage compartment that is locked and secure. You can also get a key chain remote.

You should always keep the door from your garage to get into your house locked. A garage door has security weaknesses so be sure to lock your garage door also. Make sure the door between your garage and your home is kick resistant, strong and able to be locked with a deadbolt. When you take the proper measures to make sure your door is as secure as possible, it is a good idea to also install a peephole. Having the ability to see into your garage if you hear anything without having to open the door and potentially giving someone access to your home is a very good security measure.

It is also important to make sure there are no ways for someone to see the inside of your home from the garage door. Do not leave your house without closing your garage door. Even if you are only leaving for a little while, you should always close the garage door. A thief can enter your home very quickly and steal something of value. If there are any windows on the doors you should make sure they are tinted or are frosted.

Automatic garage door openers are equipped with handles so that they can be opened if the remote is not working. A coat hanger can trip them. You can use zip ties to secure the arm onto the opener. You will be able to break the zip ties if there is an emergency, but they will help prevent a thief’s access to your home.

You should also make sure that your garage door receive regular maintenance. You will want to have it serviced once a year. You will also want to make sure all the mechanical parts are checked regularly for corrosion or other wear and tear. Be sure to check any of the parts that are replaceable on your door from the garage to your house.

It is a good idea to have motion detector lights installed in the front of your home’s garage door. If a thief sees the lights turn on, it might make him think you are home and leave. Most thieves like to work in the dark. A motion detector light can add a great deal of security to your house.

When you protect your house, take time to try to think like a thief might think. Preventative measures go a long way.

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