As a homeowner, you’re familiar with the steps you need to take to prepare your property for winter temperatures and precipitation. You have your own routine of chores: clean out the gutters, check the roof, and caulk windows, for example. Have you taken your garage door into consideration? Winter weather affects your garage door, too! Weatherproofing garage doors, checking the driveway, and organizing my garage Sugar Hill GA are a couple of chores that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Winter is Coming

Cold weather can easily impact a battery-operated mechanism such as your garage door. It’s a good idea to take a look at the battery before the temperatures drop. If the garage door battery is old, experts recommend that you replace it. It’s just not fun to have to manually open your garage door if the battery dies during a cold snap.

Weatherproofing garage doors is also an important task that you shouldn’t overlook.

Statistics show that you’re more likely than not to use your garage as the main entrance to your home. You don’t want cold air seeping into your house every time you open and close your garage door, so it’s a good idea to have a professional check the seals on the trim and strips along the sides and on top of the garage door.

Get your garage in shape through organization

In addition to making sure your garage door is working well, it’s a good idea to consider organizing your garage as well before winter arrives. What’s the point of having a garage if there’s no room for your car? When organizing your garage, you free up space you need for your vehicle and keep needed items close at hand as well.

Organization experts recommend putting as many of the items stored in the garage on the walls via pegboards as possible. While large tools such as lawnmowers can’t be moved to the walls, hoses, rakes and similar tools and even wheelbarrows can be stored off the floor to provide more space for your vehicle. Smaller items can be put on shelves mounted above the pegboards.

Organizing My Garage: Don’t forget about the driveway

Garage driveways are just as important as the garage door and the garage itself. Winter ice and snow in particular can do some serious damage to asphalt or concrete driveways that have even small cracks or holes. Cold winter temperatures will cause moisture to freeze in those cracks and holes, making them even larger. If you don’t want to face major repair or replacement costs next spring, it’s best to make repairs in the fall.

Garage driveways that are already cracked should have crack filler applied to prevent them from becoming even larger. If you’d prefer to avoid the problem altogether, seal coating can lengthen the life of the driveway for years.

When you have to remove snow or ice from your driveway, avoid using salt. Although it’s easy to find, inexpensive and efficient, salt can help increase the damage to the asphalt or concrete by enlarging the cracks it settles in. There are several less damaging options, including calcium chloride or even sand or kitty litter. You might want to consider hiring a service to take care of snow and ice removal for you.

Getting your garage door and driveway ready for winter is a chore that shouldn’t be ignored. Call on a professional garage company that can handle the preparation easily and efficiently. If “Organizing My Garage” Sugar Hill GA is on your to do list, call All Four Seasons Garage Doors Sugar Hill GA today at 678-809-2443 or click on us: All Four Seasons Organizing My Garage Sugar Hill GA