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It might be hard to believe, but the history of the garage door may well go back over two thousand years. We don’t often think about the ancients using garages or wondering which garage doors are best, but the reality is that structures that could be classified as garages go back at least to 450 BC. Back in that time period, chariot owners would store their chariots in the ancient equivalent of a garage that had a gate on it. Over the many centuries, this concept has evolved and led is to the modern American garages and doors of today. There are a number of different types of doors that are out there now but are some better than others and is it the case that some doors suit certain purposes where other types of doors are ideal for others. For homeowners, do-it-yourself types and business owners, knowing a bit about the world of garage doors can be quite helpful when deciding which type of door fits your needs the best.

The Varieties of Available Garage Doors

Single panel garage doors are one of the most traditional types out there and are often seen in homes with a bit of age to them. They consist of a single panel that swings upward and then in. By contrast, sectional doors consist of anywhere from three to eight separate panels that are connected and slide upward, directly into the garage when the door is opened. Another prominent style of door is the roller door which is generally composed of pressed steel. These doors are particularly useful because they are very sturdy and give a great deal of protection from possible impacts. A final, prominent variation on doors for garages is the automatic door. This isn’t necessarily a style as most of the three major door types can be fitted with an automatic opener. It is true that it is far less common to see this sort of thing with single panel doors though.

Which Garage Doors are Best?

As previously stated, single panel doors are one of the more traditional types out there. These doors are perfectly functional and work just fine for most people but they do have one major drawback. Single panel doors swing partially outside of the garage itself the opening and so if a homeowner is meaning to park their car inside the garage, they have to park a good distance from the door before it is opened to avoid their vehicle being hit.

For this reason, many homeowners prefer sectional doors because they slide up and directly into the garage. This offers a higher level of convenience. Due to their durability and convenience, many businesses that use garages for industrial purposes prefer this kind of door. It really does depend on your needs and what you want to spend as far as which type of door is best for you. Single panel doors are generally the cheapest to install and their simplicity usually means they have the least that can go wrong with them as far as parts.

On the other hand, sectional and roller doors offer a number of outstanding benefits as well. They are both more convenient if you are a constant on the go person or a business and want to install an automatic opener. Sectional and roller doors are also generally safer as they are less likely to fall unexpectedly due to faulty springs. In fact, fully automatic doors are considered by many to be the safest option, particularly if you have kids. These are generally the least likely to unexpectedly fall and they take a lot of the human error out of opening and closing. The downside is that there is more that can go wrong with an automatic door as far as working parts and so many people still prefer the simplicity of more traditional garage doors.

One thing to keep in mind if you are looking to replace your existing garage door is that you want to bring in a professional contractor to take care of the installation. An incorrectly installed garage door can present a number of safety hazards and so if you are upgrading your existing door, get the job done right by bringing in the pros. Call All Four Seasons Garage Doors now with any questions or request a free estimate on what it would take to upgrade your doors. Visit us on our Garage Doors Forest Hills, TN page or call 615-274-8419 for prompt service.


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