Garages and warehouses have many things in common. One important thing they have in common is that they require lean construction especially when it comes to doors. Roll up doors are the most commonly used commercial doors for these areas, and for a good reason. Commercial door manufacturers continue to improve on these types of doors. What’s good about a roll-up door?

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1) They Save Space

The rails and slats are thin, which makes the rolling smooth. Because the movement is vertical, there is no waste of space. When you have horizontal warehouses or loading zones that have minimal space for standard gate-like doors, a roll-up garage door is always convenient. Open doors can block passageways, but roll up doors don’t clutter or consume unnecessary space. Your entry points remain open even when other people are using the pathways. 

2) They look Great

They are very neat, and you can match the colors of the commercial building with that of the door. Since there are pre-installed and pre-tested doors already in the market, you can look for the design that best suits your décor and design. The installation process ensures a neatly overlapping design. There are no spaces left on either side of the door that can interfere with the overall impression of the loading dock doors or the entrance.

3) They are Secure 

Designs for most commercial garage door parts focus on the most important aspect of a door: security. Aluminum and steel roll-up doors feature all the security features that you can pack into one door. First, the fit ensures that there are no loose ends on all the four sides of the door. Second, they ensure that the joints and fittings move smoothly at all times. Third, you can operate them manually or via a remote control.


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4) Commercial roll-up doors are Durable

Commercial garage doors are in constant use. Wear and tear is a common phenomenon. Unlike other gates that are susceptible to rapid wear, roll up doors are designed to minimize friction, which is the biggest cause of tear, and occasional bangs, which causes rapid loosening. Remote controlled doors can last up to 15 years without requiring any major maintenance. Sliding parts are prone to wear and may require replacement if your door is serving many people every day.

5) They can act as an insulator/fire blocker

These doors act as tight seals. There is no air moving in or out of the premises through the door. Airtight warehouses use these doors to insulate the air inside the premises, which helps reduce energy loss. You can trust that everything inside your facility is safe from external noises and smells, too. Most have a good fire rating as well, to slow down a blaze and allow time for escape or to extinguish the fire.

Rust resistance and wind certification also improve the reliability of these doors. Many specifications that you can add to a roll-up garage door to make it interesting exist. Currently, there are fire rated, smooth speed closing or opening, insulated, wide load capacity, and many other features that you can add. Manufacturers are making very advanced designs that pack a variety of technological breakthroughs, too.

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