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Having your garage door stuck in the morning is an inconvenience you cannot afford. Having a good garage door installed and running smoothly means you can avoid such an incident. Get a good company to install your garage door and avoid missing that big appointment.

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There are three types of garage doors you can get:

  1. Sectional door – The sectional door is among one of the most commonly used doors. It’s fitted with rollers, and it’s easy to use. It can open manually by lifting it or by using an automated garage opener.
  2. Single panel – The single panel opens up at a particular angle and lifts up as a single piece. The single panel garage door is common in Europe.
  3. Roller doors – Works like a sectional door, but unlike the latter, the roller door does not open into one piece it rolls up onto itself.

Types of garage door materials

  1. Steel doors

They are made of galvanized steel, that is, two layers of steel. They can be painted to match your house Color. The door could either have insulation or not; that depends on your preference.

  1. Wood doors

They are made of different types of wood, for example, cedar. They are affordable and easy to operate. The only unsuitable factor about wooden doors is that after many years, they might suffer from slow decomposition making them weaker since they are organic in nature. However, modern technology has helped in coping up with this issue through wood treatment that helps slow down this process to an unnoticeable rate.

  1. Aluminum frame doors

Aluminum frame garage doors are available in different colors so you can buy one that matches your home theme. The doors are made of an aluminum frame; therefore, they are not vulnerable to rusting. If you live in the suburban area where the door is frequently exposed to rain and water, aluminum made garage doors are suitable for your home. However, if not taken care of, the door could be dented easily.

  1. Fiberglass doors

Unlike aluminum doors, doors made of fiberglass are not easily dented or broken. These doors cannot rust. However, the door can break upon high impact. This type of door is bound with steel and have polyurethane insulation. They are a bit expensive but beautiful for any home. These doors need to be taken care of to avoid breakages. If you have pets or kids, do not keep them around the garage door; otherwise, get a door that is made of steel, wood or aluminum.

  1. Vinyl doors

 Vinyl doors are difficult to break or dent. They too are insulated with polyurethane. The vinyl doors are available in a few different colors. If you have kids, these doors are a better match for your home due to their rigidity. They are not easily damaged therefore you do not need to keep making repairs.

Selecting the perfect garage door for your garage is an essential role in getting your dream home. You can also choose a manual or automated door; the choice is yours. A garage door that matches your suburban lifestyle could give your home the perfect look. Get a good garage door painted to match your home theme today. Call All Four Seasons Garage Doors Sugar Hill GA at (770) 517-7078 or click on us: All Four Seasons Garage Doors Sugar Hill GA