Garage Door Materials

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The garage door is not only the largest working component in the house; it is also the most prominent feature. This means it is a critical investment that can make or break your curb appeal, in addition to enhancing the value of your home. There are four basic types of garage doors; slide to side, swing-up, swing-out and the roll-up doors. When choosing a suitable door for your Holly Springs garage, it is important to pick something that will suit your home. Garage door styles typically feature a number of detailing aspects such as panels and trims that are designed to enhance their appearance. For example, some sophisticated roll-up doors are fitted with frosted plastic or shatterproof glasses in the panels to enhance their appeal. Most garage doors are made from the following materials; aluminum, steel, wood and composite.


Aluminum is a durable quality material that is rust-proof and corrosion resistant. Aluminum is especially ideal, if you live in coastal areas or in a humid and caustic environment. Latest trends in aluminum doors indicate a wide usage of doors with glass panels that allow natural lighting, while ensuring privacy. One of the most popular aluminum doors in the market today is the single-piece tilt-up door, which is extremely lightweight, inexpensive and rust resistance. The biggest drawback to aluminum doors is the ease at which it contracts dents. However, to overcome this shortfall, some aluminum doors feature door frames made from durable materials such as high-density polyethylene. Aluminum doors that feature fiberglass materials are also gaining huge market acceptance because fiberglass is resistance to salt-air effects.


Steel doors are available in wide ranging price options, in addition to offering high level insulation. Steel made doors are also the most economical doors in the market. Steel can also be used to create doors with woodgrain texture, which makes it a good alternative to wood. The three main types of steel doors are the triple-layer, double-layer and single layer doors. Single layer doors are designed using a single sheet of galvanized steel. The triple-layer steel door, on the other hand, is made using the same materials as those used in the double-layer door, but it also includes a layer third layer of galvanized sheet inside its structure. This layer is made from the protective polyurethane material to prevent damage caused by everyday usage. The above combinations make the triple-layer steel door, the most durable; sound proof and strongest of all doors.


Wood gives the garage door a warm and distinctive look. Wood is also flexible enough to allow the creation of unique designs. The beauty of wood is further enhanced by the availability of numerous stain options and wood species. The weight of wood also makes it just as durable as steel. The main downside of installing a wooden door is that, it requires high maintenance, especially if you want to maintain a good finish. You can get a more durable wooden door, if you purchase a door with preset factory staining.


Composite materials are highly adaptable and flexible; this means, you can buy a composite door made from faux wood and other materials. Composite is normally made from a durable and low-maintenance, composite polymer that resembles real wood. Composite materials are also customizable, which makes it is easy to apply stain or paint whenever the old coat is faded away. High quality composite materials are also impervious to moisture and are UV resistance; this is a highly critical factor in construction. These properties mean garage doors made from composite can withstand shrinkage, cracking and rotting.

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