Paying Attention Pays!

Older garage doors can be perfectly reliable and safe. Before widespread use of automatic and remote garage doors, the garage was one of the most secure places on a property. This is due to the fact that in order to close the door in the old days, you had to do it by hand. The door could be shut with a pull cord and latched with a foot-operated steel latch. Even if the door itself was made of light materials, a firm latch, tripped by hand, meant a great sense of security.
Convenience can result in homeowners become a little less involved in security, relying more on a false security created by automation. There is no argument that automatic garage doors are a phenomenal advance that make life easier in many ways. The systems that open and close garage doors are however, machines that are not emotionally tied to property. They can sabotage a secure home. Such was the case for Brad and Emily.

This newlywed couple began a mortgage on a starter home in an average suburban neighborhood. They chose to live by thrift and had everything riding on the new place that they called home. Both had busy lifestyles, but managed to regularly go out each week for a married couple’s date.

Their schedule became quite regimented, and rain or shine, every week Brad and Emily were sure to visit their favorite night spot without fail.

After several months, the two noticed some irregularities with the operation of their garage door’s remote control. The routine was always the same. Open the door, get in the car, back-out and simultaneously press the remote. One person would operate the car, and the other would confirm that the garage door had come down.

After a while, the door seemed to not want to close the first time the remote was activated. The two figured out that if they stopped and started the garage door mechanism each time it began to retract, they could get the door down fully in eight or nine tries. Brad rationalized that the floor sensors must be obstructed, or there was build-up in the closing track. Since closing the automatic door by hand was a bit of a hassle, they were content to use their makeshift remote method work until finances and time would allow them to consult with the company that installed to door.

One particularly rainy evening the two were in a hurry to go on their date. They backed the car and fiddled with the remote hurriedly. On what they assumed was the last button pressing, they drove away. What they didn’t realize was the door stalled at the bottom few inches and proceeded to retract all the way up.

Apparently someone in the neighborhood had be observing their behavior and garage door closing problems for some time, and took advantage of Brad and Emily’s ignorance. When they arrived back home several hours later the garage door was up!

Their worst nightmare had come true. Someone entered their home through a failed automatic garage door and stole several thousands of dollars in small items. They were both guilty of becoming complacent with automated security, and not fixing a recurring problem right away.

They bit the financial bullet the next morning and had a repair service associated with the brand of garage door opener they owned. Within a few minutes, the technician pointed out the paragraphs in their garage door owner’s guide about the internal buffer. The model was of a high grade and had a mechanism that learned to sense obstructions, timing, weight and operation speed. The learned that the longer they used their “multiple try” system, the more the closing mechanism became “confused.”

With a simple reset of the entire garage door closing system, the problem immediately ceased. If they had performed routine factory-recommended checks of the main security device in their home, they probably would not have been robbed.

Brad, Emily and the entire neighborhood learned that when it comes to automated security of a home, there is no excuse for failing to acknowledge problems that occur. The cost of compromised security is far greater than an investment for professional servicing and repair, or the time needed to know a security system inside and out!

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