There are some places in a house that can pull double duty when they are designed and outfitted in just the right manner. This is where the space is transformed and thus it works harder and is more available. Everyone wants more space for their stuff, right? One great way to make this happen everywhere is through the use of shelves. People tend to forget how much stuff simple shelving systems or units can house and hold. This makes even places such as the garage a prime spot to get a bit of organizing done so that within no time the space seems much larger than ever before.

There are various ways to build shelves in your garage but the first and key thing that needs to be taken in to consideration is where the shelves are to be located and where that is in relation to the garage door. Far too many people have put up shelves only to have them crash down once the garage door was opened or closed so it is really key to know where the door opens, what the full tract length and position is and even where the door rests in both the open and closed position. This simple step will save hassle, time and money in the end. No one wants to damage costly doors nor do they want a shelf full of odds and ends crashing down on top of a costly vehicle.

The key to building shelves for a garage are to keep them off the floor and high enough so that a vehicle can still be pulled inside. This is what really makes the shelves useful as items can stored on the shelves and yet as car can still be brought in to the garage itself. A great start is to sketch out the diameter and size of the space and then include the dimensions for the vehicle and make sure to also make those garage door locations as well. This gives you a good baseline guide and shows you very clearly where the best places are to install or build shelves.

Once the time comes for building shelves there are basically two options. For the perimeter edges that are far away from where a vehicle would be the easiest choice is to use two by four pieces of wood and some longer pieces to create simple shelves. This can also be done using metal, but that is a bit more skilled and a little more than a hammer and nails will be required. The wood option is the fastest, cheapest and easiest method as they simply stand up on the floor and if one really wants they can be painted.

Those that want suspended shelves – You need plywood or metal shelving pieces, some corner and bracing brackets, drywall screws and a level. The shelves are put up like any other shelf and then the whole area can be organized. Building shelves is simple when you stick to the basics but the real key is knowing where to place those shelves so no car hits them or no garage door knocks them right off the wall. So, it is not really the process of building the shelves that is most crucial, it is knowing the best spots to place those simple to assemble or build shelves that is the true key to successful organization.

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