In our last article we looked at some types of garage doors. I wanted to take the time and talk more about the options you have, more about the ones I mentioned in the previous article, as well as about other types. In this article, we will be discussing four basic types of garage doors to take into consideration for your garage. There are hinged, rolling, sliding and up and over types. Let’s take a look at each one of these types of garage doors Dunwoody GA has to offer.

The Up and Over garage doors Dunwoody GA

The traditional one piece up and over doors are the most common garage door on the market today. This door is designed to glide on a steel track up and over your car and garage, fitting snuggly against the ceiling. These doors are almost always installed with an automatic door option and are usually made out of either wood or polyester coated steel panels. You can get them insulated to control heat loss and reduce your carbon foot print. Most importantly, they are designed to protect you and your home by automatically engaging strong, steel mechanisms that lock immediately when the door closes, keeping predators out and your family safe inside. Based on the efficiency and popularity of this door, it is a safe option to go with for your garage. These doors come in attractive colors and different styles that are sure to suit your home.

The Hinged garage doors Dunwoody GA

Sometimes called carriage garage doors or swing doors, hinged garage doors are an option that is easy to manually function, and are known for their old fashioned charm and appeal. They come in all types of styles, including elegant arches and decorative handles. They are most commonly made of wood, but you can get them in other materials too. Whether you are looking for simple yet elegant, or an exquisite art statement, these doors are well worth looking into. Keep in mind that you will always need to have space for your door to swing open. This type of door also comes with safety and automatic options, leaving the choices and possibilities for your garage wide open.

The Rolling garage doors Dunwoody GA

The rolling garage door type is gaining popularity in the garage door world as another overhead option. Instead of sliding up over the garage like the up and over door, the whole door rotates around a cylinder crank, making the door roll up at the top of the opening. It is very ideal if you use the ceiling space of your garage and need the extra room. They are generally made of steel and offer all the safety locking mechanisms and automatic features available. You won’t be getting windows with this option, and most styles are simplistic yet practical and efficient. The rolling door is a good choice for a well-functioning and space efficient garage.

The Sliding garage doors Dunwoody GA

The sliding garage door is either hung on rollers from the top and guided by a track, or guided by two tracks, one on the bottom and one on the top, enabling the door to slide to the side with ease and efficiency. You can get one sliding door’s that slide one way or two sliding doors that slide in opposite directions as they open. Ideal if you are looking for windows and affordability. They are easy to open manually and most folks don’t use automatic mechanisms, but you can get them. The sliding door is popular for industrial garages and shops.

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